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About the Morena district

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About Morena district
Morena is one of the northern most districts of Madhya Pradesh and part of the great Chambal area. With Morena town as the headquarters, the district has a total area of 4998.78 square kilometers and a population of 1279.09 thousands.

Agriculture is the main source of occupation with mustard and wheat being the most important agricultural products.

Morena has great potential as a tourist destination and one can find many places of interest to visit. The National Chambal Sanctuary, the Fort of Sabalgarh and Kutwar are few examples of such exciting spots.

The district is drained by the important rivers like Chambal, Kunwari, Asan and Sank. The Chambal which originates in the Indore district forms the north-western boundary of Madhya Pradesh with Rajasthan. A wild river, broken hills , deep ravines and to top it all the violent legends of man and beast. Welcome to the Chambal. A rugged, raw, untamed, wilderness right in the heart of India.

Flowing through the length of 435 kms. National Chambal Sanctuary is in three states of M.P. , U.P., and
Rajasthan. The river Chambal is one of the country's most beautiful and least polluted river systems.

Agriculture and Irrigation
About 50 percent of the total geographical area is available for cultivation. About 58.74 percent of the cultivable area in the district is irrigated. Canal is the
major source of irrigation which accounts for 42.94 percent of the total irrigated area. Wheat is the most important food grain grown in the district. Mustard is
the most important oil seed grown in the district. Major kharif crop is Bazra.

On the whole Morena district with rich agricultural tract, is in the stage of development. The topography is also gradually changing with the reclamation of ravines for agricultural purpose, through the Chambal AyacutDevelopment Project. The dubious diction of Morena being region of dacoits, since dacoits have been part of the life in the district, is gradually fading. It is hoped that with the pace of agricultural and Irrigation are taking place Morena will be one of the highly proific , developed & prosperous district of the State in due course of time.