Medical colleges / institutes / universities

The old saying is Health is Wealth. We respect medical institutions & universities who teach the student the value of life. While some students understand this value, there are many students who value their education wrongly and make lot of funds. While we appreciate that they charge because they use the knowledge they earn after studying for a long time, it is critical for them to understand that this knowledge is not only given for serving the rich but also the poor citizens of this world. So, they can charge the rich who can pay but must have a discounted fee for poor or these doctors can volunteer free of cost and donate time (instand of money) to institutes which work for needy people. These medical institutions or universtities must also tie up with legal institutes or universities in ensuring good laws for issues like accidents.

If medical institutions or universtities teach their students to offer free or minimum charge to people below or just above the poverty line on issues like cancer, HIV, health, water, IMR, MMR ... then it will be great benefit to humanlife.

We also value and give due importance to veternary doctors who help other forms of living like the pet animals, marine life, wild life or any type of animal not covered in the earlier three versions.

We will start promoting the concept of Sustainability Tree to all the institutes so that students not only understand the concept but can suggest modifications if any.

We plan to share medical institutes / universities in 50 plus countries by March 2018

We cover colleges / institutes / universities under this folder and not just universities

Identity of Medical colleges / institutes / universities
As a responsible organisation, one must look at the Sustainability & Reputation tree branches & leaves and pick up those braches & leaves relevant to them.

We are concerned about Reputation of the sector because we know it is not just an individual reputation but it is an integration of Medical colleges / institutes / universities across the country. will share interviews of related experts on what they think is the Identity of the sector and what must be done to enhance the identity.