NGO Founders, Trustees & CEOs ( calls them celebrities because they have ability & vision to start a Not for profit. so they are like celebrities)

Media people means journalists who write in the media.
There are offline media people who write in newspapers, magazines.
There are online media people who write on websites.
There are social media people.
There are television media people.
And many other types of people we may not have covered above.

Media covers many issues which includes social issues, politics, nation building, technology, war, naxalism, terrorism ....

We must share that we are a social site and we will cover only social issue journalists in this media coverage. We will not cover people who write on politics, war, naxalism, terrorism .... We know this is important because society depends on these issues but we leave these issues to experts who work in all kinds of media which covers these issues.

From now to 31 March 2018 we plan to share media people names in at least 50 countries. See India and Thane as example.


When we say top management of NGOs / NPOs, we mean founders, trustees & CEOs of NGOs. As of now, we share the top management of NGOs in India - our global example.

From 28.8.2017, we plan to share the founders / Trustees / CEOs of NGOs / NPOs in countries other than India and we plan to cover about 75 countries by 31.3.2018.

CEOs may change their jobs or trustees may be trustees of more NGOs or can resign from some NGOs. So we just share the name of the person and not the NGO / NPO.


NGO founders, CEOs, trustees in India