Media in Countries
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Media shares what's happening.
We surf many websites on a weekly basis (mainly country newspaper sites) but some websites we surf almost daily.
On the first page of the media, we see news related to crime, naxalism, terrorism and a lot of news related to governmet & politicians, politics and yes, news related to sports. Hardly, we see news related to social issues, development, science, scientists, NGO / NPOs in that area, scenario in 2020, 2030, 2050 ... and we know people dont read these, so media covers what's happening in the region, State / UT, County or country & world. But it will be good if media shares at least one page on NGOs/NPOs, Volunteering / donation, social & philanthropic issues corporates support ...
We plan to start news but not related to crime, naxalism, terrorism or even important issue which is actually the base of countries and world, which is politics. We will share news related to social issues, development, science, scientists, news from NGO / NPOs, corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities .....and will just give
headline and link it to the media. Some news is shared by the ad / PR agency or media agencies & we will link the source.
Some news may comes directly to us.
To give instant news across the world, we request media to email us the news. Media or journalists can get in touch with our Datacentre

Our plan for sharing names
In 2017-2020, we plan to mail to 1000 media (print / electronic / other) from different countries in the world..
Specifically in India , we will write to national as well as district media. While the national media covers social & developmental news in States / Union territories (sometimes news in different countries), the district newspapers as a medium may be focussed on local or district news. We will invite them to share their social & developmental news coverage, some news we will share it with the world in the social & developmental issues page in the related district folder.

Media is also a corporate entity, so if the media does any philanthropic initiatives, we will cover that under the corporate coverage. We are a social & developmental site and want to cover the positive things all stakeholders are doing and so we will invite them to send everything by email to Datacentre.

Thanking media across the world is the least we can do.
No one can work across the world. No one can do research across the world ...

But we at least thank media in all the countries in this world for sharing challlenges humans & nature face. We really thank them, their reports, journalists...of course we want the media to check whether their writing is true. If its true, do write it or if you are a radio or TV, do share it. If you are not sure, then dont share it. Yes, legal things take time and you can win legal cases, but you must have strong ethics and values and editors or asst. editors must check what their media says.

Our plan of sharing media
From now to 31.03.2019, we plan to share 5000 media in 175 plus countries.