How to measure CSR : Parameters of measuring CSR (Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation)

Our plan (01.06.2017 to 28.8.2017)
Initially we were thinking CSR is just Corporate Social Respnsibility.
In 2010, we started calling it as Corporate Sustainability & Reputation.
Of course we knew that every individual & institution lives in social atmosphere. So people & world must be taken care of by all.
But after 28.08.2013, we started equating CSR to Conscience Sustainability & Reputation, which means three things.
1) In life, one is known by the money. It can be individuals who the world calls it as below the poverty line or middle class or upper middle class or millionaires or billionairs. It can be for profit or not for profit institutions which must have money to survive & grow. It is important to have money. (One can easily know that the money we donate to gods is higher than the money we give it to below the poverty line persons..)
The point we want to raise or share is : Individuals & institutions must have good conscience.
2) Sustainability : Individuals & institutions must be sustainable
3) Reputation : Individuals & institutions must have good reputation. Dont we say this company has good reputation or this NGO has good reputation or this government has good reputation or this individual has good reputation ... and everyone knows that reputation is higher than money. Afterall do we call millionaires who earned / made lot of money by bad / corrupt behaviour as good reputed individuals or institutions. Yes, we know them because of the publicity they generate but we dont call them reputed (one may call it as their bad reputation)

From 1.06.2017 to 28.08.2017, we will share parameters to judge CSR (Conscience Sustainability & Reputation) of about 60 plus stakeholders.

If you want us to add any parameters in any stakeholder like corporates, NGOs, individuals ...... send a mail to Datacentre