MBA colleges / institutes / universities
We have started sharing the MBA / MMS Institutes and related universities across the world because we believe while they share many courses like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations and others, and while some universities / institutes have programmes on CSR mandatorily available for a few students, it is critical that every management student must (repeat must) know the sustainability of the institute for whom they work either part time, or internship or full time.

We will start promoting the concept of Sustainability Tree to all the institutes so that students not only understand the concept but can suggest modifications if any.

We plan to share MBA institutues / universities in 50 plus countries by March 2018.

We cover colleges / institutes / universities under this folder and not just universities


Identity of MBA colleges / institutes / universities
As a responsible organisation, one must look at the Sustainability & Reputation tree branches & leaves and pick up those braches & leaves relevant to them.

We are concerned about Reputation of the sector because we know it is not just an individual reputation but it is an integration of MBA colleges / institutes / universities across the country. will share interviews of related experts on what they think is the Identity of the sector and what must be done to enhance the identity.