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We have started sharing locations you must know.
To start with, we have shared UNESCO World Heritage List locations but these are just a few locations.
We want to share many more locations because of
People should not just visit as picnic points, they should visit locations which have history or locations which are religious places or other locations which has great value.
Visit by others attract lot of tourists and therefore it serves as income for locals for tourist guide, food, message ...
In a way, it stops migration from villages to metros because some people come to these locations from nearby areas and dont go to metros for income.
There is a lot less traffic and therefore lot less air pollution which is sort of man made automobile pollution.

We will approach tourist agencies as well as consulates to know and share locations you must know in various countries.
We had initially planned to share such locations in each district but now on the index page of the district, we are mentioning interesting facts and we will add locations you must know in that district index page.