Lawyers (Only names of lawyers, advocates and no contact details)
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Why CSRidentity.com thinks Lawyers are important ?
Law is key for development of the country which is integral to the development of the world.
CSRidentity.com is seeing how law is good in India but there is great delay in law cases (may be because population in India is about 1300 million). So it takes lot of time for the case being heard. And lawyers play a great role in implementing law. And can save time & money of their clients (Individuals / organisations) & this can be invested in doing regular work.

CSRidentity.com cofounder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat is personally experiencing this fact and he has wasted more than 4 years after 28.08.2013 for the accident case. And according to papers everything seems to be clear but .... let us tell that the world is wasting lot of time because Sanjay Bapat through CSRidentity.com is sharing social challenges across the world.

Our plan for sharing names
By 28.3.2019
Names of Lawyers in at least 50 countries.