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About the Lawngtlai district

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Brief About Lawngtlai District
The Districts shares its boundaries with Lunglei and Saiha District in the north and south respectively. Lawngtlai District covers an area of 2258 sq.kms with the population of 73,685 ( 2001 Census). The inhabitants of the District are mainly the ethnic groups of tribals like Lai and Chakma, who are among the minor tribal communities of Mizoram. The main occupation is cultivation and the rural population largely depends on agriculture for their subsistence.

Lawngtlai district is situated within the tropical belt. It usually received high annual rainfall during the month from May upto September. In this region the tropical wet evergreen, mixed deciduous forest and wild banana forests are found. The western part of the region is covered by a thick virgin forest. Host of skima wallichi, Banyan tree, Gulmohar tree, Gamari, Jarus, Champa and several kinds of bamboos, climbers of different kinds and many kinds of wild fruits are found in this area. Several kinds of plants and herbs which are good for making herbal medicines are also found in.

Lawngtlai District has moderate climate. Relative humidity is highest during the south-west monsoon when they are about 85%. Heavy rainfall is usually received during the month from May up to September every year. The temperature ranges from 15degree to 25 degree during winter. The average annual rainfall is about 285cm. The hottest period starts from the month of March up to August every year. During the rainy season there is heavy clouded. There is an increase of cloudiness from March onwards. A clear and cool weather starts appearing from the month of September up to January the next year.

Lawngtlai, one of the districts of Mizoram,
has an area of 2,564 sq km.
Major towns are Lawngtlai and Chawngte.
People mainly depend on agriculture and allied activities.

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