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About the Kota district

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Brief About Kota District

The district is bound on the north and north west by Sawai Madhopur, Tonk and Bundi districts. The Chambal river separates these districts from Kota district, forming the natural boundary.

Distance from major Cities

Jaipur- 239 kms
Delhi-505 kms

Climate and Rainfall
The mean daily maximum temperature is 42.6 degrees celsius.
The mean daily manimum is 29.7 degrees celsius.
The average annual rainfall in the district is 885.6 mm.
Administrative Setup

For administrative purposes, the area has been divided into two sub- divisions viz. Kota, Ramganj Mandi, which in turn are divided into five tehsils.


Electric power is made available to Kota from the genration of electricity from Rana Pratap Sagar (172 mw), Jawahar Sagar (99 mw), Kota Thermal Power Station (850 mw), Rajasthan Atomic Power Project (440 mw). The third stage of Kota Thermal Power Plant (210 mw) has started, increasing thereby the total capacity to 850 mw. Out of the total 811 villages, 782 have were electrified upto 31 March 2000.

The water for irrigation is available from Chambal canal in the tehsils of Ladura, Digod and Pipalda besides wells/tube wells. All the 5 towns of the district has already been covered under drinking water supply scheme.

Road Transport
The district is well connected with neighbouring districts & with major cities outside the state. National highway no.12 (Jaipur - Jodhpur) passes through the district. The total road length in the district is 1,752 km. as on 31 March 2000

Rail Transport
Delhi-Mumbai railway line passes through the Kota-junction. The district has 148.83 km railway line on Kota-Ruthia section, 98.72 km on Nagda-Mathura (Mumbai-Delhi) section and 24.26 km on Kota-Chittorgarh section. The broad gauge railway facility between Kota & Jodhpur via Jaipur was inagurated recently

Air Transport
The nearest airport is at Jaipur (239 kms).