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About the Kolhapur district

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Brief About Kolhapur District
Kolhapur is a beautiful city, situated in the south west corner of Maharashtra, India. The population of Kolhapur is around 419,000. The main languages are Marathi, Hindi, and English. It is popular for its Mahalaksmi temple. It is situated on the banks of the river Panchganga. Many hills and forts like Panhala fort and Jothiba temple hill surround the city. The city is also famous for training wrestlers. There is national stadium for a form of wrestling known as Khasbag. It is also famous for making leather footware, popularly known as Kolhapuri Chappal's and sugar products.

During the British Raj, Kolhapur was ruled by a Maharaja, who was the local ruler of an important princely state, under the political control of Bombay state. Kolhapur state, together with its jagirs or feudatories, covered an area of 3165 square miles (8,200 kmĀ²). The Maharajas of Kolhapur trace their descent from Rajaram, a younger son of Shivaji, the founder of the Maratha empire. The British sent expeditions against Kolhapur in 1765 and 1792; and in the early years of the 19th century the British invaded again, and appointed a political officer to manage the state. After India's independence in 1947, the Maharaja of Kolhapur acceded to the new Indian Government, and Kolhapur became part of Bombay state. In 1960 Bombay state was divided into the linguistic states of Maharashtra and Gujarat

Kolhapur is a very ancient City Famous for Food ,Headwear , Fotwear , Jewellery , Wrestling etc. More details on each of them available at : Kolhapuri Mutton Taat Kolhapuri Misal Kolhapur i Chappal Kolhapuri Wrestling Kolhapuri Saaz Kolhapuri Pheta