Moon : 12 human beings who walked on the moon

These are not in alphabetical order but in the order when they walked on the moon. So Harrison Schemitt was 12th human.

1 Neil Armstrong
2 Buzz Aldrin
3 Pete Conrad
4 Alan Bean
5 Alan Shepard
6 Edgar Mitchell
7 David Scott
8 James Irwin
9 John Young
10 Charles Duke
11 Eugene Cernan
12 Harrison Schmitt

We wonder why there is no woman in the 12 because we know women have great power. Social thinking or issues related to health maybe the reason why there is no woman walking on the moon as of now.

Blue origin founded by Jeff Bezos
Blue Origin is developing a variety of technologies, with a focus on rocket-powered vertical takeoff and vertical landing (VTVL) vehicles for access to suborbital and orbital space. The company's name refers to the blue planet, Earth, as the point of origin

It time & again reminds us that most of the people just remember the first name Neil Armstrong. So he becomes Brand.

Its absolutely wrong to not admire the WILL power of all the 12 people, the daring they had to go on moon in terms of life & death.

If there is science to know what exactly goes through mind, then law will be far simpler because courts can easily take hel of science to know the reality. There will be science driven courts. (Can we hope of this in near future like nobody believed in something called as light - Edison patented the first commercially successful bulb in 1879 or nobody believed that there will be mobile phones - first handheld mobile was in 1973)

We call them mind aspirations
Yes, people may think that a psychologist is a doctor but we know saints, political leaders, parents are actually big influencers of your mind. Then there are police heads, military heads, naxalite heads, activists, political party heads .... all have the power to influence people and change the way they think or behave. (This is not at all against the medically professional doctors but their are millions of non medical physchologists who are great influencers .... and CSRidentity.com has started a section of common great celebrities who have great power to live despite of the medical challenges they face)

But it is unfortunate that there are people who have no problem with brain but are are purposely taken to psychologists for hidden not good purpose and we dont know what plays in their mind..

There does not exist mind in physical form as per medical practices, but we think Mind is the main part of the engine of human body.

Founder thinks that when we have such 12 people or common greats celebrities or Bhau who doesnt worry about death and think that science, truth, WILL power is more important than any particular god (Bhau believed that there was some power beyond humans), we should know them or meet some of them instead of going to a psychologist.

Yes, in case of Rohan, where brain is damaged, take it to a psychologist (We are told to use the term Mental Health by Dr Parul because she thinks its a problem related to health and the term Mental Health removes fear of the very word Psychologist)

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