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About the Katni district

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Brief About Katni District
Katni is conglomeration of culture from three different cultural states viz. Mahakausal, Bundelkhand, and Baghelkhand. There are three different stories which reveals why Katni is called Mudwara. Katni junction is having half circular Mode (turn) from wagon yard. So people call it “Mudwara” Another story is that there was a village call Modwar that has been given as a reward of bravery for cutting Mud (heads). A similar story is about the British government used to cut heads of Baggies and plunderer and hang them in squares to afraid people of doing crimes.

Location Katni district is located in the Northeastern part of Madhya Pradesh it forms the northern district of Jabalpur commissionerate division. Mudwara was the biggest (areawise) Tahsil of Jabalpur before katni came as district in 1998. The district extends from 23 °37’N to 24 °80’ N and from 79 °57’ E to 80 °58’ E. and hight from sea level is 392 m. There are three major rivers in Mudwara Katni, Chhoti Mahanadi And Umdar and the name katni of mudwara is given after the Katni River, which is two km away from mudwara. The shape of this district is roughly oval.

In 1911 the population of Mudwara was around 181699 out of 181699, 15812 people were the urban population. There were three big village in this Tahsil having more than 2000 population in 1911 viz. Viajyraghavgad, Bilhari ,Barhi. Out of these Vijayraghavgarh is Tahsil and recently Barhi is also declared as tahsil. Other tahsil of katni are Bahoriband, Rithi, Badwara, Dheemarkheda, and Mudwara As per the census of 1991 population katni district was 881925 out of which 333373 and 93796 are women’s in rural and urban area respectively 331044 and 103712 mans in rural and urban area respectively hence the total population of women and mans in urban and rural areas are respectively are 684417 ,197588.

The Climate
Climate of katni is average it gains all the seasonal advantage from it. Average rainfall in katni district is given here tehsil wise in milimeter.