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Official Website : http://karbianglong.gov.in

Headquarters : Diphu
State : Assam

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
Total : 10434
Rural : 10396.55
Urban : 37.45

Population (Census 2011)
Population : 956313
Rural : 843347
Urban : 112966
Male : 490167
Female : 466146
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) : 951
Density (Total, Persons per sq km) : 92

Official language : Assamese

Helplines :
Addl.Chief Engineer, Flood Control,Diphu 272741(O)
Addl.Chief Engineer,(Irrigation) Zone-IV,Diphu
272348 (O)

Addl.Chief Engineer,P.H.E.
272292 (O)

Addl.Chief Medical & health Officer, Diphu 272741 (O)
Adult Education Officer, Diphu 272440(O)

Addl.Director (Agriculture), Diphu 272805 (R)
Addl.Director, Education, Diphu 272312(O)
Addl.Director, Industry & Commerce, Diphu 273356(O)
Addl.Registrar Co-operative, Diphu 272273(O)
Asstt. Controller. Legal & Metrology 272337(O)
Asstt. Director, Cottage Industry, Diphu 272416(O)
Asstt. Director, Diary Extension Service, Diphu 273466(O)
Asstt. Director, Sericulture, Diphu 272340(O)
Asstt. Director, Soil & Water Conservativation, Diphu (O)
Asstt. Director, Survey (Hills) , Diphu 273237(O)
Asstt. Employment Officer 272230
Asstt. Executive Engineer Diphu Sub-Divn., Irrigation, Diphu 272845(o)
Asstt. Inspector Of Schools, Diphu 272732(o)
Asstt. Inspector Of Schools, Hamren (Code No 03677) 270014(o)
Asstt. Director, Handloom & Textile, Diphu 272659(O)
Asstt. Registrar of Co-opearative Societies, Diphu 272296(O)
Conservator Of Forests, Karbi Anglong, Diphu 272923(O)
Conservator of Forest, Diphu 272923(O)
Deputy Commissioner of Karbi Anglong District 272257(O)
Deputy Director of Employment, Hills Zone, Diphu 272623
Deputy Director, Information & Publicity 273792(O)
Deputy Director, P & RD ( Diphu) 273765(O)
Deputy Director, Town & Country Planning ( Diphu) 272277(O)
Deputy Inspector Of Schools, Diphu 272732(O)
Deputy Inspector Of Schools, Hamren (Code No. 03677) 270014(O)
Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies ( Diphu) 272283(O)
Dist. Adult Education Officer, Diphu 272440(O)
Dist. Information & Public Relation Officer, Diphu 272276(O)
Dist. Leprosy Officer, Diphu 272860(O)
Dist. Librarian, Diphu 272562(O)
District Social Welfare Officer, Diphu 272250(O)
District Veterinary Officer, A.H. & Vety. 272252(R)
Divn. Forest Officer, Karbi Anglong East Divsn., Diphu 272237(O)
Divn. Forest Officer, Northern Afforestation Divsn., Diphu 272321(O)
Divn. Forest Officer, Karbi Anglong West Divsn., Diphu 272247(O)
Divn. Forest Officer, Silvicultural Divsn, Diphu 272499(O)
Divn. Forest Officer, Hamren Divsn., Hamren 270048(O)
Executive Engineer, Karbi Anglong Divn., Irrigation, Diphu 272695
Executive Engineer, DRDA, Diphu 272414
Executive Officer (Hills), Assam Khadi & Vill. Ind. Board, Diphu 272616
Employment Officer 272230
Head Asstt.,DRDA, Diphu 272220(O)
Headmaster, Christian English High School, Diphu 272753(O)
Headmaster, Binapani High School, Diphu 272742(O)
Headmaster, Chandrasing Teron High School, Diphu 273352(O)
Headmaster, Donbosco High School, Diphu 272745(O)
Headmaster, Hamren Girl's High School, Hamren (Code No.03677) 270092(O)
Headmaster, Mount Calvary High School, Diphu 272572(O)
Inspector, F&CS, Diphu 273009
Inspector Of Taxes, Diphu 272397
Inspector Of School, KAAC, Diphu 272312
Joint Director,D.H.S. , Diphu 272388(O)
Joint Director, Economics & Statistics (Hills) , Diphu 272405(O)
Joint Director, Fishery, Diphu 272388(O)
Joint Director, Health Service, Diphu 272227(O)
Law College, Diphu 272777(O)
Librarian, District Library, Diphu 272562(O)
Manager, Govt. Pig Cum Poultry Farm, Diphu,A.H. & Vety. Deptt. 275276(O)
Manager, Cattle Demonstration Farm, Diphu,A.H. & Vety. Deptt. 272246(O)

National Informatics Centre, Diphu, Karbi Anglong 272776
Officer-Incharge, I.C.D.P., Manja, A.H. & Vety. Deptt. 275283
Principal, Basic Training Centre, Diphu 272305(O)
Principal, Diphu Govt. Boy's H.S. School, Diphu 272560(O)
Principal, Diphu Govt. College, Diphu 272317(O)
Principal, Hamren Govt. H.S. School, Hamren (Code No. 03677) 270051(O)
Principal, Howraghat H.S. School (Code No. 03674) 85412(O)
Principal, Rengbonghom, H.S. School, Diphu 272510(O)
Principal, D.A.V. H.S. School, Diphu 272612(O)
Programme Officer, Divsional ICDS, Diphu 272677(O)
Project Director, DRDA, Diphu 272305(O)
Sub-Inspector, F&CS , Diphu 272471
Supdt. Diphu Civil Hospital 272437
Superintending Engineer, Irrigation, Diphu 273301(O)
Supdt. Of Excise, Diphu 274125
Superintendent of Police, Karbi Anglong 272254(O)
Supdt. Of Taxes, Diphu 272397(O)
Settlement Officer, Diphu 272369(O)
Tourist & Information Officer, Diphu 272694(O)
Working Plan Officer, Hills Areas, Diphu 272842(O)


Population (Census 2010) :
The current world population is 7.6 billion (As of 1st July 2018)

Click on the following link to download district statistics as per NITI Ayog website

Brief About Karbi Anglong District
The people of Assam saw the birth of a new district i.e. the United Mikir and North Cachar Hills District on the 17th November'1951 . The new district was formally created on the aforesaid date vide Govt. notification No. TAD/R.31/50/201 Dtd. the 3rd November'1951 with some parts of the districts of Sivasagar (now Golaghat), Nagaon,Cachar and United Khasi and Jayantia Hills district of present Meghalaya for all round development of the tribal folk of the Central Assam. This was followed by bifurcation of the erstwhile district of United Mikir and North Cachar Hills district into two seperate districts under banner as "Mikir Hills" and North Cachar Hills district in the year 1970. The Mikir Hill district was again rechristened as "Karbi Anglong District" w.e.f the 14th October'1976 vide Govt. Notification No. TAD/R/115/74/47 Dtd. 14-10-1976. Thus Karbi Anglong came into being as a full fledged separate district in the map of Assam with its Head quarter at diphu. The district enjoys autonomy under the provision of Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution. It is the Largest district of Assam.

Location : The Karbi Anglong District is situated in the central part of Assam. It is bounded by Golaghat district in the east, Meghalaya and Morigaon district in the west, Nagaon and Golaghat district in the north and N.C. Hills district and Nagaland in the south. The district with dense tropical forest covered hills and flat plains is situated between 250 33' N to 26035' N Latitude and 92010' to 93050' E Longitude.
Climate : Due to variation in the topography, this hill zone experiences different climates in different parts. The winter commences from October and continues till February. During Summer, the atmosphere becomes sultry. The temperature ranges from 6 degree to 12 degree and 23 degree to 32 degree Celcius in summer. The average rainfall is about 2416 mm.

Population Pattern : The population of the district is predominantly tribal. The major tribal ethnic groups of this district are Karbis, Bodos, Kukis, Dimasas, Hmars, Garos, Rengma Nagas, Tiwas, Man(Tai Speaking’s). Besides, a large number of non-tribals also live together in this hill region.

Agriculture : The district is basically an agricultural district. Different types of agricultural crops are cultivated among which paddy is the main crop. Except for the valleys, the people follow the jhum system of cultivation.

Roads and Communication : The district is well connected with other districts through various routes. On the north it is covered by NH-37 and on the east by NH-39. The internal routes are covered by the P.W.D.

Railways : The N.F. railways passes through the district touching only a few points along the boundary. They are Hawaipur, Lamsakhang, Borlangphar, Langsoliet, Nilalung, Diphu, Doldoloi, Dhansiri, Rongapahar, Khotkhoti and Bokajan.

Airports : There is no airport in the district. The airport in Dimapur is 54 km away from Diphu being the nearest to the district.