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Official Website : http://jammu.gov.in

Headquarters : Jammu
State : Jammu and Kashmir

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
Total : 2342
Rural : 2089.87
Urban : 252.13

Population (Census 2011)
Population : 1529958
Rural : 764945
Urban : 765013
Male : 813821
Female : 716137
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) : 880
Density (Total, Persons per sq km) : 653

Official language : Kashmiri, Hindi, Urdu

Helplines :
Bagh-e-Bahu 2459777
Bakshi Nagar 2580102
Bus Stand 2575151
City 2543688
Gandhi Nagar 2430528
Gangyal 2482019
Nowbad 2571332
Pacca Danga 2548610
Railway Station 2472870
Sainik Colony 2462212
Satwari 2430364
Channi Himmat 2465164
Transport Nagar 2475444
Trikuta Nagar 2475133
Gandhi Nagar 2459660
SSP City 2561578
SP City North 2547038
SP South 2433778
Air Lines (STD Code-0191)
Name Contact Number
City Office 2542735
Air Port 2430449
Jet Air Ways 2453999
City Office 2573399
Indian Railways (STD Code-0191)
Name Contact Number
Railway Enquiry 131, 132, 2476407
Booking 2470318
Reservation 2470315
Public Health Engineering Stations (STD Code-0191)
Name Contact Number
Bakshi Nagar 2543557
Gandhi Nagar 2430786
Company Bagh 2542582
New Plot 2573429
Panjtirthi 2547537
Telecommunication Department (STD Code-0191)
Name Contact Number
Directory Enquiry 197
Fault Repair 198
Trunk Booking 180
Billing Complaint 2543896
Jammu Municipal Corporation (STD Code-0191)
Name Contact Number
Jn. Lines 2578503
Administration Officer 2542192
Health Officer 2547440
Postal Services (STD Code-0191)
Name Contact Number
Head Post Office City 2543606
Gandhi Nagar 2435863
Fire Services (STD Code-0191)
Name Contact Number
Control Room 101,132, 2476407
City 2544263
Gandhi Nagar 2457705
Canal 2554064
Gangyal 2480026
Cooking Gas Dealers (STD Code-0191)
Name Contact Number
Chenab Gas 2547633
Gulmour Gas 2430835
JAKFED 2548297
HP Gas 2578456
Shivangi Gas 2577020
Tawi Gas 2548455
Power Houses (STD Code-0191)
Name Contact Number
Gandhi Nagar 2430180
Canal Road 2554147
Janipur 2533828
Nanak Nagar 2430776
Parade 2542289
Satwari Cantt. 2452813
Hospitals (STD Code-0191)
Name Contact Number
GMC Hospital 2584290
S.M.G.S. Hospital 2547635
C.D. Hospital 2577064
Dental Hospital 2544670
Gandhi Nagar Hospital 2430041
Sarwal Hospital 2579402
G.B. Pant Cantt. Hospital 2433500
Ayurvedic College 2543661
C.R.P. Hospital 2591105
Acharya Shri Chander 2662536
Mental Hospital 2577444
Swami Vivekanand 2547418
Blood Bank 2547637
Ambulances 2584225, 2575364
Ambulances (Red Cross) 2543739
Nursing Homes (STD Code-0191)
Name Contact Number
Maddan Hospital 2456727
Medicare 2435070
Triveni Nursing Home 2452664
Suvidha Nursing Home 2555965
Al. Firdous Nursing Home 2545050
Astha Nursing Home 2576707
Bee Enn Charitable Trust 2505310
Chopra Nursing Home 2573580
Harbans Singh Mem Hsp. 2541952
Jeevan Jyoti 2576985
Yudhvir Nursing Home 2547821
Mediaid Nursing Home 2466744
Sita Nursing Home 2435007
Vibhuti Nursing Home 2547969
Rameshwar Nursing Home 2580601
Bee Enn Cheritable 2555631
Maharishi Dayanand 2545225

Population (Census 2010) :
The current world population is 7.6 billion (As of 1st July 2018)

Click on the following link to download district statistics as per NITI Ayog website

Brief About Jammu District
Jammu district derives its name from the city of Jammu which besides being the winter capital of the state, is known as the city of temples. It is believed that the city was originally founded by Raja Jamboo Lochan who lived in fourteenth century B.C. The Raja had gone out one day for hunting when he happened to witness a tiger and a goat drinking water from one and the same pond. This extraordinary phenomenon set him thinking and he decided to build a city at this site so that the strong and weak could live together in peace and mutual tolerance. Eventually, he founded the city which came to be known as "Jamboo" after his own name. With the passage of time and due to its frequent use the pronunciation of the name got slightly distorted and the city, came to be known as 'Jammu' as it is called now.

District Jammu falls in sub-mountaineous region at the foothills of the Himalayas.Shivalik range rises gradually in the north part of the district and merges with the Indo-Gangetic plains in the south.Jammu city is at an elevation of 1030 feet above the sea level.

Jammu is situated on a hillock, on the bank of river Tawi and is bound by Udhampur district in the north and northeast , Kathua district in the east and southeast, Pakistan(Sialkote) in west and Rajauri district and POK (Bhimber) in the northwest. Its skyline was once dotted with glittering spires of temples. These spikes are no longer visible as most of these are hidden behind multi storyed buildings. The city has numerous shrines for muslims, sikhs & christians also. Jammu also serves as base camp for the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi. Jammu is also the Railhead of the state. gree 24' and 75 degree 18', East longitude and 32 degree 50' and 33 degree 30' North latitude. It is approximately 600 Kms away from National Capital, New Delhi and is linked with a National Highway.

The temprature varies from cold in winter with minimum temperature touching even 0.9 degree Centigrade to heat wave in summers when the temperature shoots upto 46 degree centigrade. Jammu Distt is spread over an area of 3097 sqkms and has a population of about 12.5 lakhs as per the estimates of 1991. It is second largest populated Distt of the state and second largest in terms of population density and falls under the category 'B'. The literacy percentage of the Distt is 42.86% in as per 1981 census which was highest in the state.

The District comprises five tehsils i.e. Jammu, Samba, R.S.Pura, Akhnoor and Bishnah.The entire district can be divided into two distinct portions.The area forming north of Jammu-Chhamb road and Jammu-Pathankot road which is known as Kandi area is comparatively under-developed and is mostly rainfed. The area south of these roads is largely fed by canal and tubewells for irrigation purposes and is relatively more prosperous. As per the census of 1981,Jammu district consists of 1192 villages out of which 1054 villages are inhabited. Latest,as per DISNIC SURVEY conducted during 1994, the number of inhabited villages in the District reported are 1170.

This Distt. is having a National Airport situated at Satwari. This Distt serves as the Winter Capital of J & K state from November to April when all the offices move from Srinagar to Jammu.

Jammu district has a sub tropical climate with hot and dry climate in summer and cold climate in winter.Being in the foothills of the mountains, nights are generally cooler than what they are in the neighbouring areas of Punjab.Minimum and Maximum temperature is around 4 Degre Celsius and 47 Degree Celsius respectively.