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Our plan from now to 31.03.2019
In India, share maximum number of Industry associations. This is important because industry associations can share challenges of the industry, share solutions which they think every company within the industry must adopt, send quarterely communications which we can put online for government, NGOs, celebrities, police, political parties.. which communicates what other stakeholders should know & understand the challenges within the industry.
And we will share these guidelines only as headlines linked to the industry associations page on the site.

We will start sharing what Indian industry associations think with industry associations in different countries with due email or telephonic communications .

Industry associations in countries other than India
Our plan from now to 31.03.2019
Industry associations are key because they can tell corporates within the industry the country guidelines as well as what is practised in other countries which should be considered by industries and companies within the industry. And remember, there can be more than one industry associations in any country and if one of them or if all of them share what is good in same industry in other countries, it will be good because we are not talking about a particular company but industry as a whole.

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What is CSR ?
CSR is far larger than corporate social responsibility. CSR is conscience, sustainability & reputation. In case of corporates, lets say it is Corporate Sustainability & Reputation (that is why our company name is Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting).