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Ministry of corporate affairs

If you want to put your name with your website link on the page which shares names of corporates starting with the first alphabet of your company name e.g. Wockhardt starts with W and the names of all corporates starting with W will be on the right hand side free but your name with link to your website will be on the left side.
Our service free : Rs 3650/- + GST
Period : From any day to 31.3.2020.
Just email us if you are interested

Services : Your name on every page of the country
If a corporate in India or an NGO or media or celeb ..... in India, wants its name with due website link on all pages in this country, then we can do so with a service fee of Rs 12000/- to Corporate Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (From now to 31.3.2020)

Philanthropy focus of 1000 corporates

Names of about 6000 corporates based in or operating in India are shared free for all of you. But if you want to save your or your employee's time, internet costs, then you can use our services of getting the philanthropic focus area of 1000 corporates in India
Our cost
: Rs 10 000/-
We plan to share the philanthropic areas of 1000 largest corporates (Public Limited, MNCs) Just see the time cost of human resources needed to visit their websites (We will not mention the names, so you have to identity which are some of the 1000 largest companies in India) , going to their CSR area, going to their address page and add to the time, the cost of internet. The total cost os surely
much more than Rs 10000/- for corporates, funding agencies ... NGOs should invest their time for communities and social workers are not cheap labour but great people who devote so much of their time for community & nature
This process starts from 17.10.2018.

We will send by email
As our policy to reduce climate change, we will send both by email.

No emails
We will not share emails of any of these 6000 corporates or names of CSR person from any corporate because we respect privacy and dont want the corporates bombarded with emails.

You can visit the website and communicate with only those
1) Who financially support your community issue
(see philanthropy focus of corporate)
2) Who financially support the location where you work

e.g. if you are from Arunachal Pradesh, see if the corporate which supports the issue you are working in supports the issue in Arunachal Pradesh because of many things like corporate supports where they are located or where large number of their customers / clients / supply chain is based or if the corporate supports in location where they have no employees or customers or clients .....

25000 websites from 200 countries free
We plan to share about 25 000 names of corporates from 200 countries free by 28.3.2020. These countries include 2 SARs (HongKong, Macau)

Ministry free
On the corporate page in country, we plan to share the ministry of corporate affairs or ministry related to companies.
And we share the link of the country page in the corporate folder

Sustainability & Reputation Tree
CSRidentity.com respects corporate social responsibility.
But we think every government, individual, organisation to have social responsibility and not just corporates.
Every one must look at Sustainability & Reputation and we are doing a research on Sustainability & Reputation tree.
We start with examples of corporates first and then slowly spread this to many stakeholders like government, NGOs, funding agency, media ..... film celebrities, sports celebrities ....

For details, contact Datacentre



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