Alumni meetings good About the country & its map  

Our founder is from Thane district in India.
He has studied in Bedekar Vidya Mnadir till 7th,
then in M H High School till 10th, was in Gogte Engineering college in Belgaum and
then did his MMS (MBA) from Prin Welingkar Institute in Mumbai.
All the 4 have alumni meetings and have whats app groups.
Plus his earlier company better known for its brand ONIDA, has its Alumni meets.

Many of them are lecturers, in big positions in corporates and many are in countries outside India.

His schoolmate in M H High School is Member of Parliament in India and has adopted one village. Each Member of Parliamet in India is supposed to adopt 1 village.

Alumni cant adopt villages but can help villages or credible NGOs/ NPOs in India and many countries in the world.
At least they can do video / audio or physical volunteering or small donations of say Rs 1200/- per year or USD 100 per year to villages or credible NGOs they want.

We will start promoting this concept from 9.2.2019, the day of founder's father Bhau left this world in 2015 (He was born on 12.2.1931) (It is a fact that exists today because of timely support of Bhau and now we have a greater & wider vision)

Our founder Sanjay Bapat thinks his religion is TRUTH but there is no religion by this name.

Social programmes & Funding proposal by all stakeholders in all countries is free

We had initially thought that organisations in Thane district, can share their funding proposals, volunteering & donation opportunities free till we manage
This idea came before 2nd October 2017 and we must thank Venkat Krishnan for starting Daan Utsav on 2nd October every year

On 28.10.2017, we thought that Thane districts in India is a very small part of the world. And thought India has only 1/7th of the population, what about other 6/7th of people in the world ? Thane & India are our global examples but we know that there are millions of credible programmes across the world. So Thane & India c`an learn from around the world various factors like impact analysis, professional nature of working in the social sector (yes, they must all has humanity while working on social issues and work as per the law guidelines).
So on 28.10.2017 we decided that all stakeholders from any country can share their social issue programmes, social issue funding proposals & social videos free. We will share them in respective social issue pages.
Remember it is social issues and not issues related to politics, activism, naxalism, terrorism, crime, porno or erotic content....

We will be extremely happy if Venkat decides to promote Daan Utsav in various countries on appropriate dates

4 years of investment
We have invested more than 4 years in thinking & sharing large canvas of all countries.
At 4 AM on 26th January 2019, we thought that each country needs its own Identity.
And instead of social & health issues covering all the countries, let them cover India and in other countries, they will be in related pages.
This makes easy search engine because we will share the name with due link of all organisations who directly or indirectly work (programmes, programme implementation, volunteer, donate)
Global examples of Thane district & India remain are dreams right from 2013
Now we want to start making the canvas deeper and not just large. We need individuals & institutions as content partners, sponsors, helping communities through local NGOs
We exist with new vision thanks to Bhau
Bhau (father of cofounder) saved cofounder Sanjay Bapat. While in physical & medical terms, Sanjay is same, in vision terms he is reborn.

Sanjay was working on social issues since 1999 but it was just for one district (Thane) and one country (India).
28.3.2013 gave birth to new concept of integration of social issues, social challenges, solutions, programmes of various stakeholders in all the countries as well as government schemes in various countries.
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