2% CSR
Are NGOs Ready ?
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Are Indian NGOs ready for the 2% CSR Budget
While more budget is always welcome, not many NGOs are ready to accept Rs 10 000 crore that will come from corporates. Here are a few areas which the NGOs need to address.

1 Ability to understand corporate mindset
2 Ability to enter into a dialogue
3 Ability to understand that corporates are answerable to multiple stakeholders including investors, employees and government
4 Governance Practices
5 Proposal structure including need analysis
6 Dedicated human resources to manage large scale projects
7 Quality of professionals and attitude on salaries
8 Professionals who can understand where the corporates are coming from
9 Documentation
10 Donor Reporting
11 Financial Reports
12 Donor relations beyond funding
130 Media relations
14 Use of social media
15 Brand Building

CSRidentity.com realises its responsibility to build the capacity of NGOs on these counts and has started working on capacity building modules which will prepare NGOs to absorb corporate funding.