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Identity is what you are. Its more than a printed I card. Its real life Identity card. 

Identity is absolutely important not just for institutions but individuals as well.

Many film celebrities care for their image and value themself as a brand and create their own identity and so do sports celebrities, music celebrities....
Science celebrities are great and invest their time for innovations or discoveries. So all citizens value them and their identity is automatically created. has created the terms developmental celebrities, health celebrities, environment celebrities, science celebrities and wants all citizens to value them.

Every one is aware that corporates create corporate identity as well as brand identity.
While many dont call them corporates, we know that ad agencies, PR agencies, funding agencies, consultanting & research organisations, hospitals, social entrepreneurs...are registered as corporates and we want them to enhance their identity so that citizens in their country or citizens from other countries in this world, value their identity.

We want not for profits like NGO/NPO to create (or if already created then enhance) their own identity.

We know, word of mouth is great and real. But the speed is limited through word of mouth publicity. It picks up much faster when one uses other media like campaigns, vehicles with expertise like ad agencies, PR agencies...

The simple thing to calculate is the medium one uses to travel.
If we want to go for 10 metres or 100 metres or even 1000 metres, we may use walking as a medium.
If we have to travel to meet someone who is 3 Kms or 10 Kms or 100 Kms, then we use automobiles.
If we have to meet someone who is 1000 Kms or 10 000 Kms away, then we use aircrafts.
This means that for travelling we use media. Then if yourself or your organisation has to travel faster because you want to scaleup your operations, then please use other forms of media which helps you get donors, volunteers, good team mates, visionaries....


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