Share free social issue related 1) programmes 2) funding proposals 3) videos YOU are our focus
Funding proposals
Government, NGOs, corporates, funding agencies & others needs funds for
1) continuing present activities
2) modification of programmes based on community needs & political situation
3) sustainability of the programme
4) sustainability of the organisation
5) scaling up the programme

So funds are critical.

We are a social issue based site and share funding proposals only on social issues not related to criminalisation / naxalism / terrorism.

Who can fund you by sharing proposal on CSRidentity.com ?
1) Corporates 2) Funding agencies 3) Philanthropists 4) UN agencies through government.
We are promoting CSRidentity.com to governments, media, foreign embassies, celebs or their offices .... and they may help you.
We are promoting CSRidentity.com to volunteers and retail donors and they may support you.

Funding through us or direct ?
The funding will be direct to you if you are an NGO.
The funding can be through a not for profit organisation you suggest if you are a non NGO like government, corporate, funding agency (many citizens fund through not for profits).
If anyone want to directly support a corporate or an organisation which supports scientists, or a government, or a funding agency, they can do it directly.
The funding can be through our NGO (Developed Nation Network Turst - formed in 2009) but we want to invest more time on research & promotion, so we want you to avoid funding through us.

Are their retail donors ?
There are many citizens in this world who give money.
It can be USD 1 per month or USD 10 per month or USD 100 per month or more.