The above banner can be different for each country and each district of India
The top banner is not sponsored, it is Sponsored by Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat, the founder of CSRidentity.com on the name of Jupiter Hospital, Thane.
It is same in all pages in the hospital's folder.
In each country page and district page, this banner will be given free to country or district sponsor.

Why CSRidentity.com thinks Hospitals as celebrities ?
Some hospitals are
1) Started by corporates or through corporate foundations.
2) Started by individual doctors and has lot of professional doctors like Jupiter Hospital, Thane
3) Managed by not profit trusts or religious trusts
4) Managed by families like Dr Mhaskar Hospital in Kalyan (Thane district, India).
5) Managed by State governments or Municipalities e.g. lot of Municipal hospitals in Thane

CSRidentity.com thinks hospitals take care of patients (humans, animals) ... and the cofounder firmly believes that doctors in the hospital just give limited time (of course important time) to patients but nurses, wardboys, helpers which take care of stretchers, liftman / lifewoman, receptionists .... play an important part and it is not good to only thank the doctor but the entire hospital including all staff when the patient leaves the hospital or otherwise also.

We have personally experienced the greatness of hospital staff. And yes, we thought it is unfortunate that we only call doctors & hospitals as celebrities. Why dont we treat all the staff of the hospital as celebrities ? We thought a lot and realised that human beings treat only few as celebrities & CSRidentity.com is seen by human beings, so we can just mention what we think but cant force visitors to think what we think. Simple example of this is THE FILMS. The person who acts as heroine or hero or are producers, directors, singers are known as the celebrities but we all know that every film has sooooo many people who help the film making and then there are theatres who share the film to people or there are TV channels or mobile phones which show the film.... but we never call the cameraman to be celebrity or the lightman in the film as celebrity.... our cofounder Sanjay Bapat thinks every one is a celebrity because everyone has own identity. The celebrity status of a designated peon in the office may be 1 and that of the CEO of the company may be 100000 and the celebrity status of the film starts or football stars can be in millions ... but dont we all love number 1. We neglect a person whose celebrity score is 1 because the rank of that person is way below the person who has millions of points like film stars or sports stars. Of course when it comes to rank, number 1 is more important than number 100.

Our plan for sharing names
By 28.3.2019
1) We plan to share names more than 100 000 hospitals in 50 plus countries & districts in India.
We had shared 25000 or more hospital names from 50 countries and at least 150 districts of India but from April 1, 2018, we are redoing the entire hospital chain depending on the health field. e.g. Jupiter Hospital will come in Brain, Heart, Orthopaedics ... because it can take care of patients of so many specialised areas.
Now we want to share address & phone number of hospitals so that people can call or reach out to the hospital faster.
We will also try to share at least speciality of a few thousand hospitals like speciality in maternity or speciality in cancer or TB... and if the hospital is equipped with possibility to do many kind of surgeries like say Jupiter Hospital in Thane, we may mention that as Tertiary care Hospital.

While discussing with Dr Satish Gosawi of Prakash Memorial Clinic on Sunday 12.2.2017, he said two important things.
1) We must mention the phone number of the hospital
2) In case of India where we are sharing districtwise hospitals, he said that we should mention the taluka in the district because patients or their relatives want to know the nearest hospital and that will be easy if we mention that Taluka.
We agreed on both the things and try to incorporate them in the fom of an address

Of course we dont want to share the phone numbers of individual doctors because we dont want anyone to disturb them by calling them (If it is urgent, one should call the hospital and then the hospital can share the urgency of the case to the doctor, see to it that if the doctor is available & in case of her / his absence, if they can suggest any name of the doctor so that the patient urgency is taken care of).

We will write to almost all the hospitals in Thane to share the names of the specialist doctors there. And anyone anywhere in the world can share the names of doctors with specialisation to Datacentre.

We want sustainability of human life as well as animals and may start separate doctors, hospitals and centres which can keep the pet animals with them in case of emergencies at ho