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Heritage programmes Heritage : Funding proposals by various stakeholders

Reliance Industries Limited

Taking pride in the rich cultural heritage of India, RIL has sponsored the construction of Dwarka Parisar. It was completed in a record time of one and half years. Constructed on a fifty-fifty Public-Private Partnership with the Government of Gujarat, the Dwarka Parisar was dedicated to the public in May 2011. A public road was also constructed at Dwarka and the banks of river Gomati were cleaned. Kokila Dhiraj Dham at Dwarka continues to provide reasonable accommodation to pilgrims. RIL also renovated the village temples in Gadimoga Panchayat.

Website : http://www.ril.com/

ACC Ltd.

The services of ACC’s Concrete experts have often been utilized in the restoration of several national heritage buildings across the country - such as sections of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly Victoria Terminus) at Mumbai, the J N Petit and David Sassoon Libraries in Mumbai, churches in Goa, palaces and royal mansions in Mysore and Hyderabad and other old structures in the country. The historic Vijayraghavgarh fort in Madhya Pradesh was recently restored under ACC’s patronage. This is not a core business of the company but an act of corporate volunteering by way of sharing knowledge and expertise.


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American Express Banking Corp.India

Historic Preservation is about saving and sustaining historic places – preserving them for future use and protecting them for all to enjoy. It helps us to understand who we are and shapes relationships with our neighbors and other communities around the world. At American Express, we believe that respect for – and celebration of – these historic places is vital to ensuring that their history lives on and that the public understands the significance they have in sustaining communities today and for future generations.

We support organizations and projects that preserve or rediscover major historic sites and monuments in order to provide ongoing sustainable access and enjoyment for current and future audiences. The programs we support include historic landmarks and public spaces. We emphasize preserving sites that represent diverse cultures.

Please Note: Applications are accepted BY INVITATION ONLY under the Historic Preservation theme.

Supported projects embrace the preservation, restoration or sustainability of historic places and demonstrate their significance to the community through one or more of the following:

Restoring historic places to ensure ongoing public access and interaction with the sites.
Preserving historic places for future or innovative use.
Sustaining historic places by creating systems to manage increased visitor activities and environmental impacts.

Historic Preservation Initiatives
Historic Preservation has long been the hallmark of American Express's involvement in the community, reflecting its recognition of the contribution of historic sites and monuments to a sense of national and local identity and the role that their preservation can play in attracting visitors and revitalizing neighborhoods.

As early as 1983, American Express launched a cause-related marketing effort that raised $1.7 million for the preservation of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Since that time, American Express has been committed to supporting two major initiatives in partnership with the World Monuments Fund and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. These initiatives aim to increase public awareness of the importance of historic and environmental conservation, preserve global historic and cultural landmarks, educate visitors on sustainable tourism and strengthen local communities through preservation efforts.


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Godrej Industries Ltd.

Preserving our Heritage
Godrej's devoted effort to preserve India’s architectural heritage, is best expressed by its active participation in the Indian Heritage Society of which Mrs. Pheroza Godrej is a past President and the late Mr. S. P. Godrej was head of the Mumbai Chapter. The introduction of the annual Urban Heritage Award is an attempt to make the citizens of Mumbai aware of the city's colourful history, as the primary object of the Indian Heritage Society is to awaken consciousness of the people in the diversity and richness of their art, architecture and culture. But it is also the objective of the society to deal with natural resources – such as wild life, forests, mountains, sea, beaches, lakes and rivers and rare geographical formations. It draws attention to the dangers which threaten these irreplaceable resources and calls for action to protect and preserve them.

Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA)
The aims and objectives of the ICWA are to promote the study of Indian and international questions through research and discussion, to publish books, monographs and periodicals on these subjects, to arrange conferences, seminars and lectures to discuss these problems, and to build a library at its Head Office in Delhi for research and reference. Godrej is closely associated with the ICWA, with the late Mr. S. P. Godrej also serving as the Chairman of the Mumbai Branch.


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Indian Oil Industries (IndianOil Foundation (IOF))

The IndianOil Foundation (IOF), a non-profit Trust was created in 2000 to protect, preserve and promote the National Heritage, in collaboration with ASI and NCF of the Government of India. In the first phase, the following sites have been identified for developing tourist friendly facilities in the monument complex:

  • Konark Sun Temple, Odisha in Eastern Zone
  • Vaishali, Bihar in Eastern Zone
  • Kanheri Caves, Maharashtra in Western Zone
  • Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh in Central Zone
  • Warangal Fort, Andhra Pradesh in Southern Zone

The projects for developing tourist friendly facilities at the above sites are in various stages of planning/execution. The Corporation also supports a variety of endeavours in arts, culture, music and dance, apart from organising programmes on its own under the banners of IndianOil Art Exhibition, IndianOil Sangeet Sabha and IndianOil Kavi Sammelan.


More programmes of various stakeholders are accessible to content members.

We plan to cover heritage in any of the following :
Natural heritage, an inheritance of fauna and flora, geology, landscape and landforms, and other natural resources
Cultural heritage, the legacy of physical artifacts and intangible attributes of a group or society: man-made heritage
Industrial heritage, monuments from industrial culture
Virtual Heritage, an ICT work dealing with cultural heritage

Our coverage of countries start in 2016 and we know it will take 2016, 2017, 2018 to cover brief of most of the countries because our focus in the same time is on education, environment, skill building, health, disability, senior citizens.....

Any visitor knowing great things about heritage, can please share the same to datacentre


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