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Official Website : http://guntur.nic.in

Headquarters : Guntur
State : Andhra Pradesh

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
Total : 11391
Rural : 11075.51
Urban : 315.49

Population (Census 2011)
Population : 4887813
Rural : 3235075
Urban : 1652738
Male : 2440521
Female : 2447292
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) : 1003
Density (Total, Persons per sq km) : 429

Official language : Telugu

Helplines :
Additional Project Co-Oridinator,School Education,Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Narasaraopet. 0863-23571329849909130
Assistant Commissioner,Commericial Tax, Guntur 2223347 9949992578
Assistant Commissioner,Endowments,Guntur 2224883 9848778166
Assistant Director of Marketing,Guntur 2231253 9440677463
Assistant Director of Sericulture,Guntur 2232463 9866699180
Assistant Director,Disabled Welfare,Guntur 2323329 9247304797
Assistant Director,Hand Looms & Textiles, Guntur 2224833 9440474346
Assistant Director, Horticulture,Guntur 2320510 9848498307
Assistant Director,Industrice and Commerce,
AP Khadi and Village Industries Board,Guntur 2234399 9440814616
Asistant Director,Survey and Land Records,Guntur 2234640 9866169490
Chief Executive Officer,Zillaparishad, Guntur 2234082 9849903355
Chief Planning Officer,Guntur 2241029 9849901487
Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Guntur 2224202 9849908364
Deputy Commissioner of Labour, Guntur 2230605 9848069099
Deputy Commissioner,Commericial Taxes, Guntur 2350380 9949992547
Deputy Director, Animal Husbundry, Guntur 2331853 9440814735
Deputy Director, District Treasury Office, Guntur 2234257 9848778487 18 Deputy Director, Ground Water Department, Guntur 2230767 9948373815 19 Deputy Director, Social Welfare, Guntur 2234143 9849903603 20 Deputy Director, Zilla Saksharatha Samity, Guntur 2351797 9849909207 21
Deputy Electorical Inspector, Energy, Guntur 2261182 9440114625
Deputy Executive Information Engineer,
General Administration, Guntur 2231040 9949351613
Deputy Transport Commissioner, Guntur 2355194 9848045512
Director, Work and Accounts, Guntur 2231075 9866777970
District Audit Officer, State Audit, Guntur 2232696 9848779529
District Co-Operative Officer, Guntur 2234462 984871610
District Educational Officer, Guntur 2234793 9849909107
District Employment Officer, Guntuir 2350060 9849905563
District Fire Officer, Guntur 2234050 9949991062
District Manager, AP State Housing Corporation Guntur. 2241563 9848779376
District Manager, Food & Civil Supplies 2230421 9848789024
District Medical & Health Officer, Guntur 2241518 9849902337
District Minority Welfare Officer, Guntur 2234640 9440431226
District NEDCAP, Guntur 2350114 9440431804
District Panchayat Officer, Guntur 2355817 9849903373
District Public Relation Officer, Guntur 2231363 9949351609
District Registrar, Registrations, Guntur 2234117 9440794831
District Supply Officer, Guntur 2235477 9848779807
District Tribal Welfare Officer, Guntur 2231574 9949359282
District Vocational Educational Officer, Higher Education, Guntur 2217793 9440816006
Regional Joint Director of School Education, Guntur. 2230359
Divisional Forest Officer, Guntur 2234519 9440810127
District Public Relation Officer, Guntur 2231363 9949351609
District Public Relation Officer, Guntur 2231363 9949351609
District Registrar, Registrations, Guntur 2234117 9440794831
District Supply Officer, Guntur 2235477 9848779807
District Tribal Welfare Officer, Guntur 2231574 9949359282
District Vocational Educational Officer, Higher Education, Guntur 2217793 9440816006
Regional Joint Director of School Education, Guntur. 2230359
Divisional Forest Officer, Guntur 2234519 9440810127
Divisional Forest Officer, Social Forestry, Guntur 2234519Divisional Forest Officer, Social Forestry, Guntur 2234519
Executive Direcotr, B.C Welfare, Guntur 2230666 9849906010
Executive Director, District Scheduled Casts Service Co-operative Society, Guntur. 2234134 9849905967
Engineer, AP Health Medical Housing and Infraustructure Development Corporation, Guntur 2220834 9908015911
General Manager, DIC, Guntur 2234864 9848778543
Inspector of Boilers, Guntur 2235745 9347308857
Joint Director of Agriculture, Guntur 2234632 9440816736
Joint Director, District Insurance Office, Guntur ( APGLI) 2232541 9848780352
Planning Officer, VGTM-UDA, Guntur 2351055 9949778488 President, District Consumer Forum, Guntur 2241500 9866661425 Prohibition & Excise Superintendent, Guntur 2233576 9440902465Prohibition & Excise Superintendent, Narasaraopet 08647-231630 9440902480 Director, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, Guntur 2241754 9849904003 Project Director, AP State AIDS Control Society, Guntur 2239025 9441089018 Project Director, DWMA, Guntur 2219928 Project Director, Women & Chiled Agency, Guntur 2234159 9440814511 Regional Director cum-Appellate Commissioner of Municipal Administration, Guntur 2235960 9849905826 Regional Inspection Officer, Higher Education, Board of Intermediate, Guntur 2221544 9848308999 Regional Joint Director of Collegiate Education, Guntur 2220292 9848531363 Regional Manager, APS RTC, Guntur 2221565 9848090861 Superintendent of Police, Guntur. 2234000 9440796185Secretary, Zilla Gramdhalaya Samtha, Guntur 2233150 9440949739 Special Officer and Competent Authority, Chief Commissionerate of Land Administration, Urban Land Ceiling, Guntur 2234276 9440351376 Superintendent, District Jail, Guntur 2234547 9849904741 Superintending Engineer, APSPDCL, Guntur 2241093 9440812255 Superintending Engineer, Irrigation Circle, Guntur 2234554 9440814947 uperintending Engineer, NSJC, Lingamguntla, Narasaraopet 08647-222097 9949556200 Superintending Engineer, PR, Günter 2234697 9848661347 Superintending Engineer, Public Health, Günter 2320818 9849905736 Superintending Engineer, R&B, Günter 2234326 9440818027 Superintending Engineer, RWS, Guntur 2230439 9441472272 Zilla Sainik Welfare Officer, Guntur 2225853 9948592742 State Regional Library, Guntur 2320411 Project Director, DRDA, Guntur 2241754 Deputy Director, Adult Education, Guntur 9849909207 Assistant Director, District Level Training Centre, Industrial Training Instuate, Guntur 2234720 District T.B Control Officer, Guntur 2261376 Commericial Tax, Department 2350380

Population (Census 2010) :
The current world population is 7.6 billion (As of 1st July 2018)

Click on the following link to download district statistics as per NITI Ayog website

Brief About Guntur District
Guntur district was formed on the 1st October, 1904 with Head Quarters at Guntur after bifurcating Krishna and Nellore districts. Prior to 1859 there was 'Guntur District' with Head Quarters at Guntur but with a different jurisdiction. In 1859 , the district was abolished and was divided up between Masulipatnam and Rajahmundry districts which were renamed as Krishna and Godavari. In 1904, Guntur district was constituted into a separate independent district with the areas of the Taluka of Tenali, Bapatla, Guntur, Sattenapalli, Narasaraopet , Vinukonda and Palnadu of old Krishna district and Ongole taluk from Nellore district.

Tenali taluk was split on 1-7-1909 into two taluks namely Tenali and Repalle. This district thus formed in 1904 was retained intact till February, 1970. In February 1970, while forming a new district with Ongole as its head quarters parts of Bapatla and Narasaraopet taluks and the whole of Ongole taluk were taken to Prakasam District leaving Guntur district with only eight taluks namely 1.Guntur 2.Sattenapalli 3.Tenali 4.Repalle 5.Bapatla 6.Narasaraopet 7.Vinukonda and 8.Palnadu.

With effect from 1st November 1977 again , these eight taluks were reorganised into eleven taluks by upgrading the sub-taluks of 1. Mangalagiri 2. Ponnuru 3. Macherla as taluks bifurcating the old taluks of Guntur, Bapatla and Palnadu respectively. Later, 1980, Chilakaluripet taluk was formed as 12th taluk taking parts from Narasaraopet and Guntur taluks.

During 1981-`82, Repalle taluk was sub divided into Pallapatla and Repalle , Tenali into Tenali and Emani, Guntur taluk into Guntur and Prathipadu, Sattenapalli taluk into Sattenapalli, Tyalluru and Rajupalem. Vinukonda Taluk into Vinukonda, Ipuru and Gurazala into Gurazala and Piduguralla thus bringing 19 taluks into existence by the end of 1981-82. Though it was contemplated in 1981-82 to constitute Amrathaluru and Tadikonda also as taluks to coincide with the 21 Panchayat Samithis yet they did not come into existence. 57 Mandals have come into existence with effect from 25-5-1985 in the place of erstwhile taluks and Firkhas. The main objective of the Government in keeping Mandals is to take administration closer to the people and to create more manageable unit of administration.

The district is bounded on the North by Krishna and Nalgonda districts, on the West by Prakasam and Mahaboobnagar districts, on the South by Prakasam district, on the East by Krishna district and Bay of Bengal . It is situated between 15 - 18 and 16 - 50 of the Northern Latitude and 70-10 and 80 - 55 of the Eastern Longitude.

The population of the district is 41,06,999 with a density of 361 per Sq.Km. The percentage of literacy is 46.35 and the percentage of Urban population to total population is 28.89.

The total geographical area of the district is 1132823 Hectares. During the year 1999-2k the area covered by forest is hectares which forms to the total geographical area. The net area sown is hectares forming to the total geographical area . The total cropped area in the district is hectares. The area sown more than once during the year is hectares.

The district is rich in mineral resources. The principal minerals available are limestone, lime kankar, Napa slabs ,Copper and Lead. Lime stone is being utilised by the cement factories of Macherla and Tadepalli. There are copper mines at Agnigundala of Ipur Mandal.

The normal rainfall of the district is 889.1 M.M. The climate is generally warm in Summer and the heat is very severe in Rentachintala , where the maximum temparature in the State is recorded.

The important Rivers and reverlets in the district are the Krishna, the Naguleru, the Chandravanka and Gundlakamma. The river Krishna travels about 250 Kms, through the district along the northern boundary of the district.

The two Major irrigation projects in the district are 1) Old Krishna Ayacut, now renamed as Prakasam Barrage with an ayacut of 202032 hectares and 2) Nagarjuna Sagar Project with an ayacutt of 254583 hectares. Both the projects are constructed on the river Krishna. A medium Irrigation channel by name Guntur Branch Canal (GBC) having an ayacutt of 10823 hectares and the Minor Irrigation sources like tanks, Bore Wells, tube wells etc., are providing irrigation.

The soils in general are very fertile and they are broadly classified as Black cotton, Red loamy and sandy loamy. Black cotton area is in 70%, Red loamy in 24% and sandy loamy in about 6% of the area in the district.

The predominant crops grown in the district are paddy, jowar and bajra among cereals, blackgram , greengram and redgram among pulses, cotton , chillies, turmeric and tobacco among non-food and commercial crops.

Nagarjuna Sagar
The Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is the World`s highest Masonary gravity dam having World`s largest discharging capacity of 20,000 Cu. Secs.(409 Feet maximum height) across the river Krishna situated at about 130 K.M.s upto the Prakasam Barrage with a lake capacity of 31.05 million acre. The State Government is taking steps to develop Nagarjuna Sagar as a place of tourist attraction on the lines of Brindavan and Botanical gardens. This place has acquired special historic importance, by virtue of the association of Sri Nagarjuna , the great Acharya and learned scholar of the historic days, and the museum exhibiting the historic relics depicting the greatness of these days.