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The Government of India in investing time and money in positive development of not only the people in India but Overseas Indians.

We are keen to promote this positiveness to our Indian visitors for three reasons.
1) They should know Indian Government's schemes on social & developmental issues.
2) They should standby and promote these schemes to people they know.
3) They should help with the knowledge of the schemes with people who can benefit.

Foreign countries should study these schemes and if it is beneficial to the communities in their country, then they should replicate, modify, scale up or scale down Indian government schemes in their country.

Every Non Resident Indian (NRI) who is a citizen of a foreign country should study these schemes. NRIs should pick up certain schemes which are useful but not available to their country communities and start sharing it with the government there or with politicians who make the schemes.

We are sharing only brief information and giving a link to the official government schemes.
As per our editorial policy, which feels that children, youth, women, men & senior citizens are communities and they are an integral part of every social & developmental issue. e.g. education is for all communities, so is health, environment, climate change, packaging, income generation, skill development, employment, poverty, disability (true we know they are specially challenged but the world still is comfortable in knowing them as disabled and we will change it one day)

We are soon be sharing these schemes into multiple issues e.g. Kishori Shakti Yojana need not go to just one issue ( so far this scheme is under adolscent girls and by 30th June 2015, we plan to not take communites pages but social & developmental issue pages and if we are not sure as to where to put them, we will share them under India on top). Kishori Shakti Yojana will go into health, education, nutrition, skill development, so that citizens of any country is keen to know what schemes India has on nutrition can see Kishori Shakti Yojana under Nutrition. Similarly, citizens keen to know what schemes India has on health will see Kishori Shakti Yojana in health ........

We will work with the Government of India in updating these and new schemes.
We are only sharing the Central Government Schemes and not State Government Schemes but from August 15, 2015, we will start sharing links to the 36 States/UTs who may have same or additional schemes which are necessary & benefitial to citizens of that State / UT.




In 2015-16, we plan to share the following stakeholder addresses free. These are shared districtwise.

50000 NGOs
Blood banks
Rotary clubs
Lions clubs
Other social & dev. clubs
Addresses of offices of UN, WHO, World Bank, Ashoka

We plan to share the central government schemes free.