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In India, there are no ready answers; our ancient system of joint family living is gone, no government homes or facilities (like in other countries) have been established to take care of persons with disabilities, who need life-long shelter care and assistance in daily living. Most of these youngsters remain idle at home till parents are alive to take care and then are left to the mercy of others irrespective of being rich or poor.

Nuclear families i.e. parents, with one or two kids, mostly work to earn during their younger days to meet the expenses of bringing up their children; realise much later that their special child needs something more in terms of occupation and life-long care. Taking all these into consideration and with many meetings with parents of children with different disabilities, we felt that our main focus needs to be for the adult people who need occupation & shelter. The other facilities (like early intervention, prevocational training) have been built in later as per the needs of the different locations.
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