Manjang - gul
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Manjang-gul is the main access point to the world’s longest system of lava-tube caves.

In total the caves are 7.4km long, with heights between 2m and 23m. In this section you can walk around 1km underground to a 7m-high lava pillar, the cave’s outstanding feature. The immense black tunnel with swirling walls looks like the lair of a giant serpent and it’s hard to imagine the geological forces that created it aeons ago, moulding rock as if it were Play-Doh.

Take a jacket, as the cave ceiling drips and the temperature inside is a chilly 10°C. The lighting is dim so a torch (flashlight) is a good idea.

We plan to share a lot of experiential tourism aeras because in 1 life, we want people to have great experiential tourism visits. This not only helps you but gives livelhood opportunities to people in that area and it is a way this tourism stops migration.


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