Heart of Gold, Japan
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Founded by the people who were involved in the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon, which was held in December 1996, aims to "border through sports, race, realize the sharing of hope and courage beyond the handicap", 1998 established as NGO on 10 October year. The in March 2001, the NPO certification from Okayama Prefecture, in 2012 to the present will be authorized NPO from Okayama.

Established : October 10, 1998

Philosophy : through sports, to achieve a share of cross-border, race, handicap, "hope and courage."

Purpose : affected areas and conflict areas and the developing countries of children other us, people with disabilities, for the people of the poor layer, sports and education, conduct business that lead to self-reliance through its other activities, people and children to confront predicament reach is intended to contribute to the opportunity creation that can have a "hope and courage" to challenge in life.
In particular, the aim that the people of developing countries lie within easy to solve their own our problems facing in their own force, standing in their point of view, we focused on them along with the development of human resources.

Angkor Wat International Half Marathon (AWHM)

Heart of Gold Secretariat
Okayama city north district
895-7 Residence Arrow Room 101
Telephone, fax: 086-284-9700

Development through sports
People with disabilities sports promotion support



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