Global image : Sharing the name alphabetically or countrywise
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We believe that every citizen is a global citizen and it is not related to caste, colour, economic richness, nationality ... we start promoting global image of individuals, institutions in our sample country India and then start the same process for institutions & individuals in other countries in this world..

We will share the names with due links from the homepage of CSRidentity.com which is global homepage. The link of their profile will go to a global folder and the page can mention about the individual / institution, their one para information of many things like : philanthropy initiatives, donation appeals (for NGOs), employee volunteering (for corporates, FAs), internal awards ... the page can be 500 words or 5000 words or 50000 words...

There is only one editorial criteria for the profile and that is it should be about the organisation only and no name of its partner corporates, NGOs, agencies... because it dilutes the name of the organisation and this criteria will be strictly followed by the editorial.

Please understand that it takes time to enhance your image globally or create your image at global level. So start the process at the earliest time (with us or without us)


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