Funding proposals

Q 1) Will I get funds if I share my funding proposal ?
A 1) Yes and No.
No because we are not a funding agency which seeks funding proposals on specific issue in specific area.

Yes, because we are a social & health issue website (portal) which reaches out to donors like Government offices, Corporates, Corporate foundations, Funding agencies, media ... and more importantly, shares social issue wise proposals which are shared countrywise and districtwise in case of India.

Donors will visit the country of their interest and the issue of their interest and again, we will share the name of the organisation which needs funds and link it to the organisations website so that donors will contact you without contacting us or even without our knowledge. They can visit your website, see the programme, credibility of the organisation, its board, its present donors, its foundation and contact details.

We start sample issue Livelihood by 30th Jan 2019. And leave it to organisations which need funding. And lets be clear that the organisations which need funding can be NGOs or Governments or Corporates or Corporate Foundations or Funding agencies ...

We start sharing the portal in different countries from 12 Feb 2019 (In India, we start from 9th Feb 2019). By 5 May 2019, we plan online reach out with at least 50 countries. Typical reachout will be NGOs, corporates, funding agencies, media.

We will not charge any fees because of
1) We are not a funding agency
2) We do not know the credibility of organisations which seek fund, so we can not know the impact of funding given to them. And it is not good to give money without knowing as to whom it will go to.
3) We are a website (portal) which shares many issues in many countries, so it is not practical to know the credibility details of the organisation which seek funds.

But what we someone donates to some organisation is satisfaction of helping someone whom we do not meet. And satisfaction can not be boght from any fees.

To summarise, we dont need fees. We get invalueble fees in terms of Satisfaction.

Q 2) Who funds us to share your funding proposal?
A 2) As of now no one.
We can not wait for anyone to help us because someone doesnt help us will always be our problem and not the one which seeks funds.
We share issues under issuewise forum for our global example country India and in case of rest of the countries, the funding proposals will be shared on the issue pages which are in respective countries.

Q 3) How to send the proposal ?
A 3) You do not have to send us any presentation, images, funding proposals.
Just email Datacentre the name of your organisation, organisation name, funding proposal headline and link this to the funding details page on your website. If you do not have any website, then send your organisations contact number.
email all the details to Datacentre

Q 4) How we will promote you ?

A 4) We will share your name on related issue pate and within the country.
If your organisation works on many programmes of different issues, all will be shared.
Just email name of your organisation, name of the issue.

Q 5) What is the period ?
A 5) As of now it is from now to 31.3.2020, we will then decide on the future plans.

Important note
We want funders to contact your organisation directly and not through us.

Do we charge any percentage of funding (say 5% or 10%) as our fees ?
If the project is funded through our NGO, then or NGO will charge fees of monitoring the project.
Let us be clear that the fees our NGO charges is not its income but covers expenditure of travel, human time, management time....