Funding proposals

Q 1) What are the fees we charge ?
A 1) Our fees are satisfaction we get because you use the funds to work on social & health issues through programmes and these are in your region, country, continent.
To summarise, we dont need fees. We get invalueble fees in terms of Satisfaction.

Q 2) How to send the proposal ?

A 2) You dont have to send us any presentation, images, funding proposals.
We will share your name and link it to your website.

Q 3) How will one know where are your funding proposals?
A 3) Your name will be shared on the issue for which you work.
And your name will be shared in respected country folder in the right issue page.
India is our global example country and we have foruum for each social & health issue and within the forum, we have districts of India. So if you are have a social programme in Bengaluru East on Water, then your name with due website link will be in the Bengaluru East page of water folder. Visitors then will go to your website know more about your organisation, your location, your programmes, funders ... and they can see the funding proposals, volunteering opportunities on your website and they will know how to contact you. This simply means that we will help them contact you directly.

Q 4) How we will promote you ?

A 4) We will share your name on the country where you work on the issue and will promote in 200 countries to corporates, funding agencies, in some cases related government offices, NGOs, media, some philanthropists .... they will see the funding proposals and if they are keen, then they will directly communicate with you.

Q 5) What is the period ?
A 5) As of now it is from now to 31.3.2020, we will then decide on the future plans.

Important note
We want funders to contact your organisation directly and not through us.

Funding proposals are not from just NGOs
We are not myopic to think that funding proposals will be only from NGOs/NPOs.
Governments, corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists can share funding proposals because manytimes they may support only part of the project funding and they need additional funders to support the project.

Do we charge any percentage of funding (say 5% or 10%) as our fees ?
If the project is funded through our NGO, then or NGO will charge fees of monitoring the project.
Let us be clear that the fees our NGO charges is not its income but covers expenditure of travel, human time, management time....