Funding proposals (Issues : Social, health and climate issues. Each covered issue has a dedicated forum in India.
In all countries except India, all Social, health and climate issues are shared in the appropriate country folder

There are various questions people across the world have on funding.
CSRidentity.com believes that people working with communities or for nature should invest most of their time in programmes not
- in raising funds (Its the fund raisers job)
- in getting more talent (Its the HR job)
- in getting more volunteers (Its volunteering coordinator head's job)
- in succession planning (Its founder's job)
- in Governance (Its founder's and board's function)
- in sharing (not saling) the organisation (Its PR person's job)

Unfortunately, many organisations have no big people infrastructure because of money and manytimes, the founder is the Chairperson or CEO or only decision maker, so she / he has to do all the functions at the same time. The founder can say that our body has many parts like brain, heart, eyes, hands, legs, stomach ... do we say that I want only brain in my body ? We never say that because brain is just one part of human body and its weight is about 2% of body weight. The rest of the 98% is all other parts of the body and each part has a role to play in once's life.

Its ok if the organisation is very small.
But as organisation becomes bigger and aims several things, then it needs employees who have functional role. Like hands can do hand's role not heart's role or brain's role.

CSRidentity.com thought Fund Raising is critical for every organistion in the world, whether it is not for profits or for profits listed companies or for profits private small companies or governments ....

NGOs from all countries can share their funding proposals free.
True, CSRidentity.com is not a funding agency.
But we promote you to governments, funding agencies, corporates, celebrities ... who are looking for projects / NGOs for funding or volunteering. And you can be from any country working on any issue (Some organisations work on multiple issues in multiple countries or multiple districts in India.
Just share your organisation name and the districts in India where you work and the countries where you have same programmes. We will share your name linked to your official website in any number of countries or districts where you have programmes. Remember if you share countries or districts where you are not working or where you just plan to work, then funders will share with us wrong inputs from us and it will spoil your reputation because we are saying we do not know whether you really work. All your emails stating locations of your programmes will be kept in safe bank custody for details.

We do not charge any amount for sharing your funding proposals. What we will get is satisfaction as well as good relationships so that we can help more communities (which is goal of founder's life)

What to search ?

One can search NGOs based on social, health, climate issue or based on location. Or names of Corporates, NGOs, Funding agencies in your country or just address of issuewise hospitals or issues to either promote issues or NGOs or write about them in your media or blogs ... you do not take our permission because CSRidentity.com knows that communities and organisations working for them must benefit, with or without us.

What about governments ?
Governments are the foundation of any country and we share governments of all countries so that one can directly approach them. We share all governments and plan to share issuewise and countrywise government schemes starting from 15th August 2019..



Q 1) Will you get funds if you share your funding proposal ?
A 1) Yes and No.
No because we are not a funding agency. And we can not commit that you will get funding and your banefieries get relevant programme.

Yes, because we are a social & health issue website which reaches out to donors like Government offices, Corporates, Corporate Foundations, Funding agencies, media ...

Donors will visit the country of their interest and the issue of their interest and again, we will share the name of the organisation which needs funds issuewise and link it to the organisations website so that donors will contact you without contacting us or even without our knowledge.

They can visit your website, see the programme, credibility of the organisation, your board, present donors and contact details.

We are fully aware that the organisations which need funding can be NGOs or Governments or Corporates or Corporate Foundations or Funding agencies ... but to start with we will stick to funding proposals for NGOs and may add corporate foundation, corporates ...

We will not charge any fees because of following facts
1) We are not a funding agency
2) We do not know the credibility of your organisation
3) We are a website (portal) which shares many issues in many countries, so it is not practical to know the credibility details of the organisation which seek funds.

But what we get when someone donates to some organisation is satisfaction of helping someone whom we have not met or will never meet. And satisfaction can not be boght from any fees.

To summarise, we dont charge fees and even if you are willing to give fee just for sharing your name issuewise, we will not accept fees..
We get invalueble fees in terms of Satisfaction.

Q 2) Who funds CSRidentity.com to share your funding proposal?
A 2) Banners of the right side of every district. This fee helps us in promotion of the site to funding agencies, corporates, corporate foundations, media, HNIs, Philanthropists ...
But we will not wait for anyone to advertise because in some cases, NGOs need funds urgently.

Q 3) How to send the proposal ?
A 3) Do not have to send us any presentation, images, funding proposals.

Just email Datacentre the name of your organisation and link to the organisation website and two issues for you need funds. No need to send any contact details or emails or address because interested donors will visit your website. Remember, it has to be your website and not any agency which collects funds (even if they give 100% funds to related NGOs)

If you have no website, then give only contact phone number and no email because we know emails can be abused and you waste lot of time deleting unnecessay email.
email all the details to Datacentre

Q 4) Do we take funding proposals only from credible NGOs or NGOs we know personally but we have not checked their credibility?
A 4) We take funding proposals from all NGOs.
The donor has to check the credibility of the NGO.
We cant do injustice to an NGO working in Assam if we do have not checked their credibility. So every NGOs funding proposals are accepted.

Q 5) Can our consulting team help the donor to identity NGO credibiklity ?
A56) Our consulting can help the donor check the credibility for a fee.

Q 6) How we will promote you ?
A 6) We will share your name on related district page or country page in Funding proposals folder.

Q 7) What is the period ?
A 7) As of now it is from now to 31.3.2020, we will then decide on the future plans.

This can be your banner. Cost to be shared by 28.6.2019 6 PM India time.