Funding proposals (Issues : Social, health and climate issues. Each covered issue has a dedicated forum in India and outside India, we cover all of them countrywise)

Q 1) Will I get funds if I share my funding proposal ?
A 1) Yes and No.
No because we are not a funding agency which give funding proposals on specific issue in specific area.

Yes, because we are a social & health issue website (portal) which reaches out to donors like Government offices, Corporates, Corporate foundations, Funding agencies, media ... and more importantly, shares social / health issue proposals which are shared countrywise and districtwise in case of India.

Donors will visit the country of their interest and the issue of their interest and again, we will share the name of the organisation which needs funds and link it to the organisations website so that donors will contact you without contacting us or even without our knowledge. They can visit your website, see the programme, credibility of the organisation, its board, its present donors, its foundation and contact details.

We start with sample India. And within India, we share it districtwise. Within district page, we share all social & health issues alphabetically, so that the donor can go to issue of theoir interest faster.

And lets be clear that the organisations which need funding can be NGOs or Governments or Corporates or Corporate Foundations or Funding agencies ...

We will not charge any fees because of
1) We are not a funding agency
2) We do not know the credibility of organisations which seek fund, so we can not know the impact of funding given to them. And it is not good to give money without knowing as to whom it will go to.
3) We are a website (portal) which shares many issues in many countries, so it is not practical to know the credibility details of the organisation which seek funds.

But what we get when someone donates to some organisation is satisfaction of helping someone whom we do not meet. And satisfaction can not be boght from any fees.

To summarise, we dont need fees. We get invalueble fees in terms of Satisfaction.

Q 2) Who funds CSRidentity.com to share your funding proposal?
A 2) As of now no one.
We can not wait for anyone to help us because whether we get funds or not is our problem and not the one which seeks funds.

Q 3) How to send the proposal ?
A 3) You do not have to send us any presentation, images, funding proposals.
Just email Datacentre the name of your organisation, organisation name, funding proposal headline and link this to the funding details page on your website. If you do not have any website, then send your organisations contact phone.
email all the details to Datacentre

Q 4) Can there be 4 funding proposals if I want funding on 4 issues like disability, women, water, skill development?

A 4) Yes. But we share them in 4 different issues.

Q 5) Can there be 6 funding proposals if I want funding for water in 6 different district of India?
A 5) Yes. But we share them in 6 different districts in water.
Yes because donors are clear that they want to find out NGO Partner in Ratnagiri or Thane or ... and we dont want to waste their time.

Q 6) Do we take funding proposals only from credible NGOs or NGOs we know personally but we have not checked their credibility?
A 6) No. We take funding proposals from all NGOs.
The donor has to check the credibility of the NGO or the corporate or funding agency which wants funds.
No also because we cant do injustice to an NGO working in Assam if we do have not checked their credibility.
Our consulting can help the donor check the credibility for a fee but we cant check every organisation's credibility and want to invest more time in global. research and global promotion with India and Thane as a global example.

Q 7) How we will promote you ?
A 7) We will share your name on related district page or country page in Funding proposals folder.

Q 8) What is the period ?
A 8) As of now it is from now to 31.3.2020, we will then decide on the future plans.

In Each District of India, there can be a different banner
See world map below. If this country looks smaller in the world map, imagine how small it will be in the Universe.

For details, contact Datacentre.