Identity (To start on 4 July)
Funding agencies

From now to 28.3.2020, we plan to share names of about 5000 funding agencies from 150 countries.

A good funding agency is much more than just financial donor.
Funding agency ideally is ranked on the impact it generated its funding.
Therefore funding agencies have a clear focus on the issue is supports.
There are some funding agencies which fund NGOs based on specific religion and CSRidentity.com does not follow any religion, so we cant say anything about them.

More importantly, Funding agencies are responsible for CSR because CSR means Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation and it is far deeper than CSR as Corporate Social Responsibility. We have developed a new concept of Sustainability & Reputation with the tree's branches & leaves and we will share the same later.

Please note that funding agencies include
1) UN & UN agencies because they fund NGOs, (even if they fund through the country governmen, they fund NGOs)
2) Corporate foundations
3) Private funding agencies
4) Institutions which may be registered as NGOs but primarily they are funding other NGOs and hardly do any work directly.

Identity of funding agencies
We plan to interview some professionals in the funding agencies to know what they think is the identity of funding agencies worldwide. Is it just an organisation which gives money or is it the organisation which is clear on their focus social issue & location and on the impact analysis of the NGO which they fund.

For details, contact Datacentre.