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Funding agencies (includes UN organisations, World Bank, Corporate foundations & agencies which primarily give funds to NGOs)


From now to 28.3.2020, we plan to share following from 200 countries
- names of about 5000 funding agencies

We share Funding agencies because they are donors with not only a purpose but many of them want impact of their funding. More importantly, Funding agencies are responsible for CSR because CSR means Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation and it is far deeper than CSR as Corporate Social Responsibility. We have developed a new concept of Sustainability & Reputation with the tree's branches & leaves and we will share the same later.

Please note that funding agencies include
1) UN & UN agencies because they fund NGOs, (even if they fund through the country governmen, they fund NGOs)
2) Corporate foundations
3) Private funding agencies
4) Institutions which may be registered as NGOs but their primarily, they are funding other NGOs

Identity of funding agencies
We plan to interview some professionals in the funding agencies to know what they think is the identity of funding agencies worldwide. Is it just an organisation which gives money or is it the organisation which is clear on their focus social issue & location and on the impact analysis of the NGO which they fund.

Our plan from now to 31.03.2020
5000 funding agencies in 175 plus countries
Please note that we include United Nations, UNDP, WHO, World Bank and UN outfits like UNICEF, UNFPA ...

If one wants to buy a CD which has website links to about 4000 funding agencies from different countries, then we can send it to you in pdf format. Detailed cost, format & dates of sharing first 1000 funding agencies, next 1001 to 2000 funding agencies and all the 4000 funding agencies will be shared by 28.7.2018
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