Food Celebrities
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By 28th March 2018, we plan to share names in at least 50 countries.

We start with some names in our global example India

Food celebrities (We do not cover food critics, restaurateurs and unfortunately do not cover farmers who produce agricultural material used in food)
These can be chefs, nutritionists or are making food which has great taste & may not be nutritious. Food experts are trained to give advice on and conduct research on the quality of food and important food safety norms. Nutritionists are a type of food expert, who give insightful details and tailor-made diet charts for people who are either looking to gain weight, lose weight or who are simply suffering from certain ailment that requires them to change their food habits.

Food celebrities - Julia Child
Before many of our celebrity chefs were even born, Julia Child launched the television cooking craze that has helped perpetuate today's food-centered networks and culinary personalities.

Child, who died at age 91 in 2004, became an unlikely celebrity chef following the 1961 publication of her book "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." The cookbook was followed up with television appearances that launched her to international fame, setting the stage for future celebrity chefs. Sure, most of us aren't going to try our hand at Child's Boeuf Bourguignon or Lobster Thermidor.
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Food items : It is food which ensures sustainability of humans as well as all living beings
We start a long series of food items prepared by women in many countries with the only condition that these women are above 60 years of age . These women may or may not go online any site but their food items taste good according to people who eat it.

We will just share the name of the woman and not the name of her daughter or son (even if they are President or Prime Minister of any country or well regarded film or sports or any chef).
Do prepare the food as shared in the details.

In this category, we are happy to share women who have the responsibility to manage homes. We call them food celebrities. The first food item is shared by Nalini Vaze from Girgaon, Maharashtra in India. Puran poli

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