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About the Fatehpur district

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Brief About Fatehpur District
District Fatehpur was setup on November 10th, 1826 A.d. as a separate district, taking fertile land lying in between river Ganga & river Yamuna. . Thus, this is among a few oldest districts in the state of Uttar Pradesh . Besides having a grand religious and historical background, this is motherland of Martyr Jodha Singh Ataiya, Martyr Dariyaw Singh and many other freedom fighters & renowned hindi poet Rashtrakavi Sohan Lal Dwivedi . In this site, we have tried our best to give you full introduction of this town & it's heros........

This district is situated between two important cities Allahabad, which is also known as "Prayag", and Kanpur of state Uttar Pradesh . This is well connected with those cities by train route and by road also . The distance from Allahabad is  117 Km and from Kanpur is 76 Km by railway . The north boundry of the district is limited by river Ganga and southern is ended with river Yamuna .

In the Vedik era the region of this district was known as "Antardesh", which means the fertile area between two big rivers . Later, it was known as "Madhyadesh" which means central region . The northern region of the district is influenced with "Avadhi" culture while  southern part shows  effect of the "Bundelkhand" . The region of Fatehpur was included in the district Vatsa, which was one among sixteen districts described in the Baudh literature .

The modern Fatehpur has been divided in three sub-divisions:-
1. Fatehpur
2. Bindki
3. Khaga
At the lower level, the district has been further sub divided into thirteen "Development Blocks" & six Urban/Town areas :-

Development Blocks
1. Airaya 2. Amauli 3. Asothar 4. Bahua  5. Bhitaura  6. Deomai  7. Dhata
8. Haswa  9. Hathgam 10. Khajuha 11. Malwan 12. Teliyani 13. Vijayipur  

Urban Town Areas
1. Fatehpur M.B.   2. Bindki M.B. 3. Bahua T.A.  4. Khaga T.A. 5. Kishunpur T.A.  6. Koda Jahanabad T.A.
There are 1352 populated, 164 non-populated villages & 786 Village Panchayats in the district .

Important Characteristics
Longitude : 81 20' E

Lattitude :  26 16' N
Height Above MSL : 114.66 M
Area : 4152 Sq.Km
Max.Temp : 45-48 Deg. C During May & June
Average Rainfall  : 904 mm per year
Common Language : Hindi
% of Literacy : 44.6%
STD Code : 05180