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Falkland Islands Interesting Facts

The Falklands are a compact group of 740 islands with a total land area approximately the size of Connecticut. They are as close to the South Pole as London is to the North Pole.
Their economy depends on fishing license fees, tourism and agriculture (over 160 sheep per person).
The population of 2,932; 2502 of which live in Stanley. 54% were born on the Islands. Many North American high schools have more people.
They are an independent overseas territory of the United Kingdom, financially independent of everything except defense services (provided by Britain). They even have their own currency.
There is a British military force of 1300 troops on the islands, equipped with a variety of aircraft, surface-to-air missiles and other weaponry.
The Islanders seem to be more British than the British and come across as a British country community of 50 years ago.
In a Referendum in 2013, 99.8% of voters decided they wanted to remain a British overseas territory.
The Falklands are accessed by flights by LAN from Santiago (Chile) via Punta Arenas once a week and by British Defense flights from England twice a week.
The Falklands international airport (Mount Pleasant) is actually a military airport. Arrivals and Departures areas are designed for the military.
Falkland Islands Government Air Service (FIGAS) operate Britten Norman Islander aircraft to air strips around the islands to locations of accommodation providers. Stanley Airport is 10 minutes from the town centre.
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