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We plan to have 8 content partners and are identifying them through our research.
The content partner will be one NGO / NPO from 6 continents (Oceania - Australasia, Asia, Africa, Europe, North America & South America) plus one each from India & Thane.
We know that as of now, there does not exist an NGO / NPO in Antarctica continent.
We plan to provide one free banner to 6 continent content partners. This will be either the name of the NGO or their logo and the size of each banner will be 190 px width and 30 px height.
The banner for NGO in Asia will be from countries other than India because India & Thane are our global examples and we will give a banner of 502 px x 40 px each to an NGO from India & Thane at the top of this folder.
All the 8 banners will be from now to March 2018.

What is the Purpose of the Education Forum
The purpose of education forum is to share various issues of education and various programmes through which stakeholders are addressing these challenges with solutions. Knowing fully well that societies in all countries face various issues (e.g. education of a child is direct outcome of the income generation of parents).

We know that a farmer looks at his son for farming sustainability and for him schooling is good upto a particular level because after schooling the youth has to work in farms. But understand that a farmer - who thinks thought that after all the years of schooling his sons will have to work in farms - understand that a well read child can add more value to the entire chain of farming cycle, right from using high yield variety, to adopting better farming techniques, adding more crops per season, to marketing the produce to even understanding the global threats of patents. Similarly, we never helped parents understand the value in sending their daughters to school or their special children to schools.

What will the forum cover
Current scenario (status statistics and challenges)
Interventions of stakeholders in at least 400 districts of India
Interventions of stakeholders in at least 60 countries of this world
Statistics in at least 150 countries in this world
Interviews of field workers, leaders around the world on key subissues

Global news


It is not necessary but it will be good if the NGO content provider helps our online research by sharing relevant issue related project in their continent.
They should not give more than 100 words information.
CSRidentity.com will share the information and at the end will share the source (which is name of the relevant NGO content partner and we will link the source to the relevant NGO content provider website).
If the NGO from Asia provides information of a country in Africa continent or any other continent, we will give the NGO from Asia as the source. Which means any content partner from any continent is free to provide information from any other continent and get a link to them as source.

There are two things which we are careful
1) The project mentioned must exist.
2) We will share the project and will not name the name of the organisation which does the project. If anyone is interested, they will communicate with the source (which means our relevant content partner) and not us or the sponsor.

We dont want to dilute the identity of the sponsor of the issue.
Ideally we want the sponsor of the issue to be known for that issue across the world.
Of course, we must mention here that we will name the 8 NGO content partners on the index page of the relevant issue with link to their website.
As a responsible organisation, our editorial has a defined view on the type of NGO here. Our email id is Datacentre.