Our plan : In 2016-18, we plan to share issue programmes of governments, corporates, NGOs, FAs... in any country with focus on Thane, other districts of India.
Our vision : Universal development Our mission : Be sustainable, promote others Our focus : Share challenges & solutions email your programmes on issues
Education Forum

This Startup Is Using Video To Bring Quality Education To India's Masses

What is the Purpose of the Education Forum
The purpose of education forum is to share various issues of education and various programmes through which stakeholders are addressing these challenges with solutions. Knowing fully well that societies in all countries face various issues (e.g. education of a child is direct outcome of the income generation of parents).

We know that a farmer looks at his son for farming sustainability and for him schooling is good upto a particular level because after schooling the youth has to work in farms. But understand that a farmer - who thinks thought that after all the years of schooling his sons will have to work in farms - understand that a well read child can add more value to the entire chain of farming cycle, right from using high yield variety, to adopting better farming techniques, adding more crops per season, to marketing the produce to even understanding the global threats of patents. Similarly, we never helped parents understand the value in sending their daughters to school or their special children to schools.

What will the forum cover
Current scenario (status statistics and challenges)
Interventions of stakeholders in at least 400 districts of India
Interventions of stakeholders in at least 60 countries of this world
Statistics in at least 150 countries in this world
Interviews of field workers, leaders around the world on key subissues

Global news

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