Eyes donation


From 28.7.2017, CSRidentity.com starts

1) Sharing countrywise names of individuals (not institutions) which donate eyes.
Next to the name, if you want we will give your contact number and time to contact you (we dont want 24 hour calls, so you can say 6.00 PM to 7.00 PM India standard time or whatever time is ok). We can delete the mobile number & time whenever you suggest that.

2) Sharing countrywise names of organisations which accept eyes and typically these are hospitals.

Just mail Datacentre.

The list of countries across the world and states / UTs in India are shared in the top of each page in this folder.


How Sri Lanka is helping the world to see as the biggest donor of corneas for transplant

'The eye from this dead person was transplanted to my son' said A.K. Admon Singho, who guided Premathilake through the hall after the surgery.
'He's dead, but he's still alive. His eye can still see the world.'
This gift of sight is so common here, it's become an unwritten symbol of pride and culture for Sri Lanka, an island of about 20million people located off the southern coast of India.

If you want to share any information, do mail Datacentre.