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Basic information
We will share the basic information of the issue here.

We will share free the social programmes of all stakeholders like government, NGOs, corporates, funding agencies .... (only 7 lines) and these are shared State / UT / District wise in India in related pages and in countries other than India, in the respected pages in that country.

Funding proposals by NGOs, corporates, funding agencies
We know that every stakeholder has funding needs to either maintain sustainability or increase the reach out (scaleup) or modify their programmes .. and will share ant funding proposal (again just 7 lines with the last line giving contact phone number - no email).
To share your funding proposal, click here to read the details.
Funding proposals by CSR portals or CSR organisations or any organisation / consulting organisation which has one of the CSR programmes will not be covered by us for obvious reasons.

Purpose of the forum
1) Share government schemes (Central / State / UT / local district).
Some schemes can be replicable in different countries in this world.
2) Share social issue related programmes of NGOs, corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists in any particular district of India or State / UT of India
3) Share celebrities, Ad / PR agencies (campaigning) & media.
Just share programmes free but limit the programmes to only 7 lines and this includes contact details of the organisation so that individuals & institutions can support programmes with us or without us (ideally without us but some donors may come through us)
4) Share volunteering & various financial / nonfinancial donation opprtunities.
5) Interview NGOs, corporates, funding agencies ... and in Thane we will interview the concerned person affected by the issue (some may be in video format)
6) Share news, success stories, failure points ...

India is very big country with more than 1300 million citizens (130 crore plus), so all must understand that only governments can not take care of all social issues, all individuals & institutions must support social issues.

How to see the content of the issue
Use the dropdown at the top and it shares issues, subissues, States / UTs of India and districts of India plus the news , interviews , awards , success stories , failure points plus how to get district / country / global visibility, access to countrywise corporates / funding agencies (one can access only corporates / funding agency). All the interviews in any country are free to access by all visitors.

Who supports the issue or can support the issue
It can be a corporate, philanthropist, funding agency, product, ad / PR agency or any individual or organisation involved in the issue.
CSRidentity.com will share the banner of the financial sponsor of the issue on top of every page of that issue & the banner link can go to sponsor's portal or product page.
And yes, it is the only image banner in this issue folder. Its almost like a patent of global visibility for the organisation.

And as per our editorial policy, programmes of every NGO / corporate / funding agency or any individual or organisation will be shared only in 7 lines & this is free. Of these 7 lines, the top line will cover name of the organisation & project title, then 5 lines of the programmes and then last line sharing contact phone number (Professionals may change, so just phone number. emails we will not share because people get all kinds of emails and we dont want your focus to divert because you may have to invest lot of time rejecting emails). Of course, the editorial is clear that no programme content will share the name of any product. (Yes, we will share names of companies not names products)
If a corporate or any institution wants to create or enhance the brand, they can do it in their country forum or may make it a global brand.