Our plan : In 2016-18, we plan to share issue programmes of governments, corporates, NGOs, FAs... in any country with focus on Thane, other districts of India.
Our vision : Universal development Our mission : Be sustainable, promote others Our focus : Share challenges & solutions email your programmes on issues
Disaster Relief

Disaster Response
As a relief organization with a mission to love others as we love God, our Disaster Response team operates out of a commitment to serve our neighbors experiencing crisis.

The way we respond depends deeply on the nature of the disaster, the country, the economic and geo-political situation at hand. We immediately begin to assess the situation to determine the most appropriate actions.

This response takes on several forms including empowering the local church, empowering our teams already on the ground, or empowering an indigenous organization. Our Disaster Response team prioritizes interventions devoted to empowering local churches to provide effective post-disaster and disaster mitigation assistance to their communities. Eligibility for assistance is not limited to churches, but may, depending on the situation, apply to networks, indigenous organizations and local evangelical humanitarian organizations.











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