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About the Dhenkanal district

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Brief About Dhenkal District
Dhenkanal District is situated on the Cuttack Sambalpur Road( NH 42) and the Cuttack Sambalpur S.E.Railway line. It is bounded by the Keonjhar District in north, Cuttack district in south, Jajpur in the east and Angul in the west. It is commnly believed that it owes, its name to a Savara chief called Dhenka who formerly ruled over in this tract. This District contains a centre of religions movement called " Mahima Dharma " since last 100 years or more and spread over through out the Indian Union. The religious movement in the medieval period also touched to this District.

The famous " Kapilash Hill " which is popularly known as the "Kailash" of Utkal is also in this district. Lord Chandrasekhar Mahadev temple is set up at the top of the hill. Some large scale industries like Nilachal Refractories, Utkal Asbestos Ltd, Orissa Polyfibres Ltd ,Shakti sugar are established in this district. The climate of this district is generally hot with high humidity during April and May and cold during December and January. The monsoon generally breaks during the month of June. Most part of this district are covered with dense forest and a long range of hills.

Therefore this district is called as the "Home of elephants and tigers for the country". Total population of this district as per 1991 census was 9,47,870 which has been increased by 12.46 percent in 2001census ( provisional ). As per 2001 census total population of this district is 10,65,983 (provisional). An agricultural district like Dhenkanal gains much from forests which plays an important role in the economy of the district. The principal forest products are Timber, Bamboo, Fire wood and Kendu leaf. The minor forest products are Lac, Honey, Kenduli Gum, Wax, Mahua flower, Sunari fark, Siali Leaves, Catechus, Tassar Cocoons and other raw materials used for medicine.

Dhenkanal district is one of the centrally located district in Orissa.

It lies between Longitude: 85° 58' to 86° 2' East and Latitude : 20° 29' to 21° 11' North.

Neighbouring districts: Keonjhar district in the North, Cuttack district in the South, Jajpur district in the East. and Angul district in the West.