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Dhekelia interesting facts

Dhekelia lies on the southeastern coast of Cyprus, close to the city of Famagusta. Its size is approximately 131 square kilometers, or 50 square miles; equivalent to that of Washington, D.C. in the United States.
The country's population includes nearly 16,000 individuals, half of them natives of Cyprus. Approximately 25 percent serve as members or employees of the UK military and their underage children make up the remainder of the population. Languages spoken include Greek and English.
Dhekelia's capital city holds the name of Episkopi Cantonment, based in another UK controlled area, called Akrotiri. For decades, the Queen of England has represented the highest authority in the country's government but an Administrator Air Vice-Marshal handles Dhekelia's day to day affairs. The country does not have its own independent flag but, instead, falls under the umbrella of the UK banner.
Dhekelia conducts few economic or industrial activities. Providing assistance and service to military families and the UK armed forces there, encompass the primary objective of the country's existence. In fact, without imports of food and consumer goods, few chances exist to locate such items. As of 2008, Dhekelians began using the Euro for financial transactions, whereas, prior to that time, the pound served as the standard currency.
A moderate climate prevails in the country, with non-humid heat during summer months and cooler weather during the winter. On average, Dhekelia receives little, if any, snow but gets much rain from November through March. The highest temperatures of the year come in July and August, and the coldest in the months from December to February.

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