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Brief About Dhalai District
Dhalai District is the youngest district in Tripura. It is formed in 1995. The District is rich in natural resources. More than 70% area of this district is hilly and forest covered. It has tremendous scenic beauty.

The district Headquarter is situated at Ambassa which is around 90 KM from the state capital Agartala. It is connected through NH 44 and takes around 3 hours to reach. There is no Railway Station in this district. Construction of new railway lines is going on very smoothly.

Major River :– Manu, Dhalai and Khowai  

Major Hill track: – Atharamura, Longtharai and Sakhantang

Fairs and Festivals
Attractive Fair :   Rash Fair of Manipuri community held sometime in November at   Baralutma Maharash Mandap 18 kms from Dist. H.q . 

Attractive Dance
1. Lebang Bumani : This is a famous Dance of the Riang community. The dance isperformed standing on a bottle as well as keeping a bottle on the forehead.

2.  Dhamail of  Bengali community ( Group Dance ) .

3.  Hajagiri – Another Dance of the Riang Community

Distribution of Population
Density of population of Dhalai District was 125 nos. per sq. km in 1991 and 139 nos in 2001 where as the average density of population in Tripura is 304     nos. per sq. km in 2001.

Sub-Division Density(per sq. km.)
Longtharai Valley 121.30 nos
Gandacherra 78.71 nos.
Ambassa 105.93 nos.
Kamalpur 320.56 nos.

Temperature of the District

Range Summer
(in celsius)

( in celsius)

Maximum 36 degree 28 degree
Minimum 16.9 degree 5.3 degree

Average Rainfall : 220 cm.