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About the Dahod district

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Brief About Dahod District
Dahod is just a posed between the states of Gujarat and Malva (Malva has since been divided into Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan).The name Dahod is result of the town's historic location on the boundary between two states, (Do = Two and had = border).

It is estimated that Dahod is 1,000 years old.

During the war between the Gods and demons, the saint Dadhichi Rishi came to the aid of Lord Indra in his battle against the demons. Dadhichi destroyed himself in order for hte Gods to make weapons out of his bones. The Gods used these weapons crafted from the bones of Dadhichi to kill the demon Vritasur. It is fabled that the Dhadhichi Rishi meditated at the banks of the Dudhimati river in Dahod.

The Dahod area is also home to Bawka, an archeological marvel located eleven kilometers southwest of Dahod. It is said that this edifice built of stone and decorated with carved scenes from the Kamasutras was built by a prostitute. This architectural marvel was built during the prosperous reign of the Maharaja of Champaner. This historical site is considered to be Khajuraho of Panch Mahal district.

The great Maharaja Siddjaraj Jaisingh invaded the state of Malva in Vikram Sanvat 1093 and camped in Dahod for the next 12 years. Siddharaj's enormous army built Talab (Basket Lake) in one night by having each soldiers of his army dig and fill the boundries of the lake with one basket of earth. The historical red stone with carved Hanumanji which was planted during the auspicious grand opening ceremony of the lake is still intact at the last overflow (Chhela Ovare).

The Maharaj Sidharaj Jaisingh placed a stone writing (Shila lekh) in Sanskrit at Panigate. The British government moved the Shila lekh to a museum in Poona, Maharashtra.

The Mogul emperors also have a historical presence in Dahod. The emperor Jahangir rested in the cool and dense forest of Dahod while on his way to Mandavgadh from Dahod (a town renamed Gardabad, Dusty town, because of his hatred for Dahod and its heat and dust). Jahangir was so content with the lotus filled lake of Dahod that he rested in Dahod for a month. At the time his elder son, Khurram, who was known in his later life as Shahjahan was also with him. Khurram's fourth son was born during this respited in Dahod. This son, Aurangzeb, came to the Mogul thrown in 1658. Twenty years later he built a Dharma Shala (free sleeping facility) in Dahod. The Marathas later converted the Dharma Shala into a small fort or Gadhi.

Dahod is a town in the Gujarat state of India. It is 200 km away from Dahod and 150 km away from Vadodara. The famous Aurangzeb fort is here. Dahod is also a district in the state of Gujarat. This district was carved out of Panchmahal district. Dahod city is the administrative headquarters of this district. This district is surrounded by Vadodara (South) and Panch Mahal (West) districts. To the west are the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.