CSR People (CSRidentity.com calls them as celebrities because they help NGOs / NPOs / communities and for them, they are like celebrities)

As of now, we share some CSR people in corporates in India.
From now to 28.8.2018 we plan to start inviting NGOs / NPOs and others to share names of CSR people in countries other than India.

In India, we may start sharing the names in many files and these files are indiaA, IndiaB ... which means we will start sharing the files in English alphabetical order and not districtwise. Of course we will share the links to indiaA, indiaB, indiaC ... from the index page of India.

We treat CSR people in Thane district separately and will start sharing their names in Thane folder because Thane is our global example district of India.

By 31 March 2019, we plan to share more than thousand CSR people in corporates from 50 plus countries. And when we mean CSR people in corporates, we cover CSR heads, CR heads, CS heads, and professionals and people in their office.

We know these professional CSR people may change institutions or place of work and therefore we will not share the name of the institute but just the name of the person.

If you want to share any name, email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com


Identity of CSR people sector
As a responsible professional, one must look at the Sustainability & Reputation tree branches & leaves and pick up those braches & leaves relevant to them.

We are concerned about Reputation of the sector because we know it is not just an individual reputation but it is an integration of CSR people across the country.

CSRidentity.com will share interviews of related experts on what they think is the Identity of the sector and what must be done to enhance the identity.