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Country locations

This world is so big that it is difficult to know where in this BIG world is your country or the country where your daughter / son / relatives / friends / alumni stays.

Some people who have got money to visit outside countries can see where is the country they are visiting on the world map.

Some people who wish to but can not afford to go to Kashi (India), Mecca or Makkah (Saudi Arabia) , Vatican city (Vatican city) can see the location of the country where they are (All names shared in alphabetical order because there is always an issue of religion and founder thinks tha his religion if Truth but there is no such religion as of now and founder doest want the credit of founder of this Truth religion, let someone else take it)

There are countries whose names also many people dont know like

Where is Chad ?
Where is Niger ?
Where is Belize ?

While all countries are sponsored in memory of Bhau , we can put your banner here. Your banner linked to your website on the right side of each of the 258 countries, SARs, Islands, territories and 7 continents this country location fora, then donate Rs 10 00 000/- or USD 15000 to our NGO Developed Nation Network Trust.
Donations will be used for
1) Promotion of Thane Brand which is Jewel for us
2) Helping 4 NGOs which work in our global development cases
3) Helping NGOs in Thane in their development activities.
4) Our sustainability & reputation, which helps us in our research across the world, promotion of research we do, promotion of good programmes all organisations to in the world.

Period : From now to 31.3.2021. For details, contact Datacentre.

Coverage : One page each for 258 countries, SARs, Islands, Territories & one page each for all 7 continents.

Developed Nation Network Trust has FCRA so it can accept funds from any country other than India and it has 80G, so that if any one from India makes a donation, they will get 80 G certificate.

We know politics, police, military are important for people across the world, including us but we have a polcy not to accept any ads from them. No advertising will be accepted from anything related to activism, naxalism, porno website or any antigovernment site.