Syrian Arab Republic
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Independence / Republic Days
Independence from France 17 April 1946
- from the United Arab Republic 28 September 1961


Current Time in Damascus (Syria)

Calling code

Syrian pound (SYP)

Geographic Coordinates
33°30'N 36°18'E

Official languages

Syrian Arab Republic Flag Description
Three equal horizontal bands of red (top), white, and black; two small, green, five-pointed stars in a horizontal line centered in the white band; the band colors derive from the Arab Liberation flag and represent oppression (black), overcome through bloody struggle (red), to be replaced by a bright future (white); identical to the former flag of the United Arab Republic (1958-1961) where the two stars represented the constituent states of Syria and Egypt; the current design dates to 1980

note: similar to the flag of Yemen, which has a plain white band, Iraq, which has an Arabic inscription centered in the white band, and that of Egypt, which has a gold Eagle of Saladin centered in the white band

Syrian Arab Republic : National Anthem

Guardians of the Homeland

Guardians of the Homeland,
Peace on you;
Our proud spirits will
Not be subdued.
The abode of Arabism,
A hallowed sanctuary;
The seat of the stars,
An inviolable preserve.

Syria's plains are
Towers in the heights,
Resembling the sky
Above the clouds.
A land resplendant
With brilliant suns,
Becoming another sky,
Or almost a sky.

English translation
Protectors of the homeland, peace be upon you
[Our] proud people will not be subjugated
[Our] den of arabism is a sacred sanctuary
[Our] throne of the suns is a preserve that will not be violated
The fields of Syria and the towers of height
Are in dialogue with the zenith of the skies
A land that rivaled the bright suns, and a sky for you if not the real sky.

The flutter of the dreams and the beat of the heart
Are on a flag that united the country
Its black is from the black of every eye
And the ink is from every martyr's blood
Our spirits are proud and past is great
Where the martyr's spirits are formidable guardians
The ‘’Waleed’’ is from amongst us and so is the ‘’Resheed’’, hence no reason why we will not prevail and prosper.


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