Bosnia & Herzegovina
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Independence / Republic Days
Independence Day (from SFR Yugoslavia) March 1, 1992


Current Time in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Calling code

Convertible Mark (BAM)

Geographic Coordinates
43°52'N 18°25'E

Official languages
Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian

Southeastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea and Croatia

Geographic coordinates
44 00 N, 18 00 E

Map references

total: 51,197 sq km
country comparison to the world: 129
land: 51,187 sq km
water: 10 sq km

Area - comparative
slightly smaller than West Virginia

20 km

Maritime claims
no data available

Elevation extremes
lowest point: Adriatic Sea 0 m
highest point: Maglic 2,386 m

noun: Bosnian(s), Herzegovinian(s)
adjective: Bosnian, Herzegovinian

Bosnian (official), Croatian (official), Serbian (official)

National symbol(s)
golden lily

National anthem
name: "Drzavna himna Bosne i Hercegovine" (The National Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

National Anthem lyrics/music
Dusan SESTIC and Benjamin ISOVIC/Dusan SESTIC
note: music adopted 1999; lyrics adopted 2009

revenues: $7.691 billion
expenditures: $7.497 billion (2013 est.)

Taxes and other revenues
40.8% of GDP (2013 est.)
country comparison to the world: 34

Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag Description
a wide medium blue vertical band on the fly side with a yellow isosceles triangle abutting the band and the top of the flag; the remainder of the flag is medium blue with seven full five-pointed white stars and two half stars top and bottom along the hypotenuse of the triangle; the triangle approximates the shape of the country and its three points stand for the constituent peoples - Bosniaks, Croats, and Serbs; the stars represent Europe and are meant to be continuous (thus the half stars at top and bottom); the colors (white, blue, and yellow) are often associated with neutrality and peace, and traditionally are linked with Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina
National Anthem

God of Justice
You're the light of the soul
Eternal fire's flame
Mother of ours, land of Bosnia
I belong to you

In the heart are yours
Rivers, mountains
Blue sea
Of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Proud and famous
Land of ancestors
You shall live in our hearts
Ever more

Generations of yours
Show up one:
We go into the future


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