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Our plan from now to 31.03.2019
5000 names
2000 names & philanthropy focus
Search corporates by either name, or country or philanthropy issue

Countries other than India
25000 names from 195 plus countries by 28.3.2019
These names are shared in the country of registration or the country where it has manufacturing (because MNCs are operating in many countries, so there name will appear in more than the country of their registration)

India : 2% CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by law
CSR in this case is Corporate Social Responsibilty.
Applicable to companies with
Annual turnover > Rs 1,000 crore or
Net worth > Rs 500 crore or
Net profit > Rs 5 crore
( 1 crore is 10 million)

India is our Global example country and we plan to approach 3000 corporates in India by 31.3.2019 directly or through ad / PR agencies and business / industry chambers / associations but as of now we have shared 5277 companies and may increase this number to 10000 companies by 28.3.2019.

Special for corporates
Integated Reporting
Global compact

Business associations
Industry associations

Balance score card
Better cotton initiative
Billion dollar
CEO water mandate
Cleantech Index
Dow Jones Sus Index
EICC Code of conduct
Eco labelling
Equator principles
ftse 4 good
Forests Stewardship
Global bus coa on HIV
Global Car Disclosure
Leadership Index

Global Sullivan

ISO (many subissues)
KLD Social Index
London Benchmarking
Nasdaq Omx crd
Globalsust 50 Index

Oekotex 100
Ohsas 18001
Principles for
Resposible Investment

SA 8000
Transparency benchmark
Triple bottom line
UN con ag corruption
UNEP Finance
UN Universal
declaration on human
Wilder Hill Clean
Wolfsberg standards



CSR in industries
We are starting CSR in Industries section from April 2018 and will give opportunity for one company in each industry to share their Sustainability & Reputation tree which is the way anyone can measure CSR. (One page for each branch which means more than 20 pages)

> 1 bn below poverty
We thought as an organisation helping one BPL is too small. In India, each Member of Parliament adopts one village. We thought why cant corporates do the same. Large corporates can take several villages at the same time.

We thought we should set an example and have started helping (not adopting but helping) Kokanipada in Thane as global example.
The first step is a school, which shares education. We get satisfaction by helping students & tribals in Kokanipada.
We are trying to see if individuals & institutions across the world make this as a global example.

Whatever one does must be sustainable.
Reputation comes out of every good thing (however small it may be in finance terms, but goodness as a nature of humans, is always invaluable). Or if one is already reputed, its a great background to help.

To check philanthropy focus
1) We download annual reports
2) We visit the corporate portal
3) We will approach business associations
4) We will communicate with CSR or corp com or media team.
We cover Fortune 500 companies, Forbes 2000 companies, & leading companies in countries where there are no Fortune 500 or Forbes 2000 companies. We may share just names of 20000 corporates from 150 plus countries.

There are companies like Ad / PR agencies, Consultancies / Research agencies ... and we have separate coverage of these companies in related pages (like PR agencies in PR industry page) and they may or may not be covered here (yes, legally they are companies but people know they as PR agency ...).

In Consulting & Research agency there may be some which are just individuals (not a company but just one individual) , but we will categorise them in Industry folder ( 1 woman / 1 man team like in Wimbeldon there are multiple players who individually play and are declared as one individual winner of Wimbeldon trophy for women & one individual winner of Wimbeldon trophy for men !!!!)

Branding of corporates
If you want your name on the opening page of corporate folder, then pay a nominal fee to
CSR Consulting from now to 31.3.2019
Payment from India : Rs 6000/-
Payment from outsie India : $100
Branding of products / services
If you want your product / service on the opening page of corporate folder, then pay a nominal fee to
CSR Consulting from now to 31.3.2019
Payment from India : Rs 6000/-
Payment from outsie India : $100
We think that some NGOs want their name on the opening page (index page) of corporate folder.

So we have taken a decision to share the name of these NGOs /NPOs with due link to their original website here in English Aplabetic order and in bracket we will provide the name of the country.

There is a nominal charge.
If you are registered in India, pay Rs 6000/- to Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting & instead of sending cheque, send it through NEFT because cheque means paper and post / courier means additional paper and it affects climate change. So it is our very minor effort on climage change.

If you are registered out of India
Then instead of sending fees, donate USD 100 to our Developed Nation Network Trust. We have FCRA which means we can accept donations from any country.

This donation will be used for social issues in Thane district, which is our global example and one NGO in Solapur which educates nomadics..

And yes, we will share how we use this donation so that there is transparency in sharing the funds we get from within and outside India.