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CSR >>> Corporate Social Responsibility
What is CSR ?
CSR is far larger than corporate social responsibility. CSR is conscience, sustainability & reputation.

In case of corporates, lets say it is Corporate Sustainability & Reputation (that is why our company name is Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting).

In case of citizens, we may say it is Citizens Social Responsibility or for countries, it is Country Social Responsibility or for climate it is Climate Social Responsibility.....

Conscience Sustainability & Reputation is a good way to summarise all social responsibility because it is not just financial or philanthropic help but attitude while investing time to help is key.

Whatever one does must be sustainable.
Reputation comes out of every good thing (however small it may be in finance terms, but goodness as a nature of humans, is always invaluable). Or if one is already reputed, its a great background to help.

Every living being has social responsibility. (Its almost like we breathe). So we may say CSR for Corporate Social Responsibility, NSR for NGO Social Responsibility, FASR for Funding agency Social Responsibility, MSR for Media Social Responsibility.

But the minute we say CSR means Conscience Sustainability & Reputation, its for all individuals and institutions. Which means all individuals & institutions in the world should follow CSR. This not only covers the founders / top management / employees of corporates, but it also cover customers, clients, supply chains, consultants, ad and PR agencies and yes, the governments for legal, taxation & many other issues.

Your identity in the social sector is important
How much you spend on community is the responsibility of the CSR or corp com department.
How much profit your company makes, is governement, tax department happy with your regular payments, are shareholders happy with the return their investment, is the media writing good about your company, are the empolyees working efficiently, is the company governed properly .... the chairperson / board / CEO has to think many things and that too manage their day to day affairs.

We agree that these are critical for making profits, making more profits, increasing shareholder value ...
But please remember individuals means a lot
1) your consumers / customers are individuals
2) your clients employ employ individuals
3) social sector deals with individuals
4) your competitors employ individuals
5) the journalists, owners .. are individuals

Dont think that CSR amount is just legal requirement, it has to be the philosophy of the company to give back to people who form their customer base and also as well as supply chain, competiton, government, media
If philanthropic investments were there for so many years, you cant stop it suddenly.
Also dont think of just cheque book philanthropy.

> 1 bn below poverty
We thought as an organisation helping one BPL is too small.
In India, each Member of Parliament adopts one village.
We thought why cant corporates do the same. Large corporates can take several villages at the same time.

We thought we should set an example and have started helping (not adopting but helping) Kokanipada in Thane as global example.
The first step is a school, which shares education.
We get satisfaction by helping students & tribals in Kokanipada.
We are trying to see if individuals & institutions across the world make this as a global example.

Search philanthropy of corporates in your country

More Companies Emphasize Strategy and Outcomes in Giving, Report Finds


Corporate names
We have shared names of about 10000 corporates from 200 countries already and plan to increase these names countrywise. These are freely accesible to all.

Search corporates in your country

Country content members can search addresses & philanthropy focus area of corporates in their country. We are thinking about introducing a content membership where specific content members can see corporates in any country. While technically this process is complete, we are just checking with stakeholders their interest in knowledge of which philanthropy issues corporates support in other countries and may introduce that in 2018.
Country content members can see focus & address of corporates.

How to search a corporate ?
Go to search engine, select your country and see all the corporates in your country, then click on any corporate to see the focus area as well as address of the corporate (we are not sharing the name & email id of CSR head)

You can also select Industry, which means without selecting the name of the corporate, just select country & industry, and then select submit, to see the corporates in that industry in country of your content membership.

Further, you can select a corporate from a specific industry in your country of content membership and then select an issue and click on submit. This will give you list of corporates supporting specific issue.

We are also working on location (in most cases we share specific country) to help you select location, but let us admit that this process takes time.

We are doing a research of corporates in many countries and realised that in many small scale corporates, philanthropy may be practicsed but it is not shared by them online. It may happen that in case of many new corporates, we will get only name & address and we can share only that. We will write letters or emails to their communications teams or CEO office to let us know their philanthropy focus areas and will share it by 28.3.2019.

If any one knows names of corporates in their country, please email us the names. Our research team will try and put the address & if possible the philanthropy focus of these corporates.

A country content member has access to the name, address & focus area of corporates & funding agencies in this country plus the awards given on CSR or social issues in their country of content membership.

Country content membership fee in India
Rs 3540/- or USD 60 for NGOs
Rs 5900/- or USD 100 for corporates and non NGOs

What covers Non NGOs ?

Non NGOs include Governments, Govt departments, corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities, media, ad / PR agencies, consultants, researchers, colleges, universities, institutes, career agencies .....Please note that colleges may be officially not for profits, but they charge a fee to the students or after training all the students dont work free, so we have counted them in the Non NGO category for counrty content membership. Please understand that we treat celebrities as Non NGOs because they are themselves big individual brands which can be used by others to promote social issues.
Click here to become a country content member





Global image : For pro
Datar Genetics

Corporate Sustainability & Consulting


We are not at all worried about number of corporates which want global visibility. It can be 0 or 1 or 28 or 190 or 100 or 500 ...

To get country visibility
To get global visibility
Content membership
Everyone individual & institution has identity.
Its upto you to either keep being good or tell the country that you are good or increase your visibility & good image in many countries.

You have to create right identity and we can enhance it within your country or in all countries.
Create global image

Country visibility of corporates
Fees : USD 200
We will share name of corporate in each page of the country folder & link it to their
1) CSR website or
2) corporate website where they share CSR or
3) just link it to their corporate website .
We share each country on the homepage of

In addition to the above,
We will have two columns for corporate page of the country.

In the first column, we will share corporates which want Country visibility. The name will be linked to the corporate website.

The second column will share the names of all corporates in that country with no links.

The country content members can search corporates in their country.
Click here to get the country visibility in a particular sector where you are operating.

Global visibility of corporates
Fee : USD 950/-
In the opening page of, we share name of the corporate based on the industry where it operates & link it either to Global image page where we will share brief information about the corporate or if the corporate wants then link it directly to their website.

The format is first the industry (in alphabetical order) & then the corporate. We are not mentioning the country here because we want the corporate to be known globally by their name.

How many corporates
We have shared names of 10000 corporates from 150 countries & SARs free countrywise. These cover Fortune 500, Forbes 2000 & leading companies in countries where there are no Fortune 500 or Forbes 2000 companies.