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Any organisation or individual can take this banner and link it to their site or a particular page.
As a responsible organisation, our editorial has a definite & clear say in type of ads accepted here.
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From now to 31.03.2018, we plan to share philanthropy focus area of 10 000 corporates from 150 plus countries and shares names of about 25 000 corporates from 200 countries.

If a corporate works or market its products in 100 countries, then we will share the same corporate 100 times with address of corporate in those 100 countries.

Country content access members can see the focus area of the corporates covered by us in that country only. As of now, we dont plan access to corporates in all countries.

How to search a corporate ?
Go to search engine, select your country and see all the corporates in your country, then click on any corporate to see the focus area as well as address of the corporate (we are not sharing the name & email id of CSR head)

You can also select Industry, which means without selecting the name of the corporate, just select country & industry, and then select submit, to see the corporates in that industry in country of your content membership.

Further, you can select a corporate from a specific industry in your country of content membership and then select an issue and click on submit. This will give you list of corporates supporting specific issue.

We are also working on location (in most cases we share specific country) to help you select location, but let us admit that this process takes time.

Please note that we are increasing the number of issues from say 100 to 200 or 300 because we want subissues to be converted into issues and this process takes time.

We have already covered
3500 corporates from 100 countries (900 from our global example country India)

If you want to add (not see but add) any corporate from any country, email editor

Of course, we will start sharing that CSR also means CSR in business processes, people & planet policies...

CSR concept, CSR Budget, Time to be involved in CSR programme

CSR is much more valuable than mere profit

Why & how can corporates put their banner?
Many people visit the site and they will surely visit the corporate section to see the role of corporates.

Some corporates may like to put their banner on the corporates page in say India or Pakistan or USA or Australia. The first two banners on the left & right side are commom across the world, you can put your banner there or if you are country specific, you can put your banner below these two banners in any specific country. Ideally, banner links should be your corporate's philanthropy initiative or you may send a link to your product or service which helps people. Send a mail to Datacentre to know more.

What about MNCs ?
We cover corporates and these can be corporates headquartered in one country but operations or clients in many countries. Many Multi national corporates have offices or clients in more than one country. We will cover them in all the countries where they have offices, branches ...

This banner can be different in each country page.
But till the time we get any specific banner for any country, we will offer this space to one advertiser in many countries.
It may happen that the advertiser is an advertising or PR agency which operates in many countries and shares different banners in different countries.And this is perfectly okay with us.
But again, as a responsible organisation, our editorial has a definite & clear say in type of ads accepted here.
If you want to share your banner here, email to Datacentre