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Corporates / Products
Corporates in all countries


From now to 28.3.2020, we plan to share following from 200 countries
- names of about 35000 corporates

We also plan to interview corporate professionals on various philanthropic issues related to issues like how they identify issues to support, NGOs to support, do they encourage volunteering not just investing time but management competencies like marketing, human resources, business development (in NGO language its fund raising) or help NGOs know the issues related to succession planning ... and remember these are not country related because many of the issues are common across the world.

We will also interview corporate professionals on business processes, HR practices, human rights (because employees are humans) .... and most importantly what steps they have taken to reduce their effects on climate (Be it packaging or raw material sourcing or materials management or reaching out to customers ...Video conferencing to reduce travel ... video based volunteering ....

If one wants the names of corporates with their website links, we will send it by email
Just share the username and password that you want because the email will ask for the same before opening.

Detailed cost, format & dates of sharing first 5000 corporates, next 5001 to 10000 corporates and all the 20000 corporates will be shared by 28.7.2018
For details, contact Datacentre.


Do you want to put your name with link to your official website ?
We are promoting CSRidentity.com in all countries and most of them will visit corporate folder.
From now to 31.3.2020, we will promote CSRidentity.com in more than 150 countries.
We are sharing the portal by email to major Forbes 2000 companies plus about 10000 Non Forbes companies, 100000 NGOs, 3000 Funding agencies, 3000 media, many ad agencies, PR agencies .....

We are sharing names of corporates, products and NGOs in alphabetical order and we will not share which country the corporate, product, NGO is from because we want every organisation & its products in every country to have a global vision and local action.

Instead of sending cheque, send it through NEFT
NEFT number is TJSB 0000003
We dont want cheque payments because cheque means paper and post / courier means additional paper and it affects climate change. So it is our very minor effort to save climate from a global issue of climate change.

Fees for corporates / products
(Corporate names or product names will be shared on the left side of every page of corporate folder)
First 20 names
(In alphabetical order not country name order)
Payment from India : Rs 24000/-
Payment from outsie India : $400

From 21st name
Payment from India : Rs 12000/-
Payment from outsie India : $200

Fees for NGOs / NPOs
(NGO / NPO names will be shared on the right side of every page of corporate folder)
Payment from India : Rs 12000/-
Payment from outsie India : $200

You can sponsor any country and in case of India, you can sponsor any State / UT / District folder
You can sponsor any social issue or health issue folder
You can sponsor corporate or NGO folder or Media folder or Government folder or film celebrity folder or any folder which you feel appropriate

You will have two banners in the folder and both these banners are on every page in the folder.
As of now the sample folders are corporates folder, NGOs folder, funding agencies folder & media folder.

The top banner will be of size 1004 x 104 px and the bottom banner will be of the size 1004 x 1004 px
You can give a link to the banner on your website