Corporates starting their name with G

Gas Natural Fenosa
Website : https://www.naturgy.com/inicio
Sustainability : https://www.naturgy.com/sostenibilidad/inicio

Website : https://www.gsk.com/
Responsibility : https://www.gsk.com/en-gb/responsibility/

General Dynamics
Website : http://www.gd.com/
Responsibility : http://www.gd.com/responsibility

General Motors
Website : https://www.gm.com/
Sustainability : https://www.gmsustainability.com/
Community : https://www.gm.com/our-company/community.html

Gilead Sciences
Website : https://www.gilead.com/
Partnerships and Community
Gilead Foundation

Website : http://www.glencore.com/
Sustainability : http://www.glencore.com/sustainability

Website : http://glenmarkpharma.com/
Responsibility : http://www.glenmarkpharma.com/Responsibility
Foundation : http://www.glenmarkfoundation.org/

Goldman Sachs Group
Website : https://www.goldmansachs.com/
Citizenship : https://www.goldmansachs.com/citizenship/index.html

Greenland Holding Group
Website : http://www.greenlandsc.com/
English Website : http://www.greenlandsc.com/En/Default.aspx
Social Responsibility :

GS Caltex
Website : http://www.gscaltex.com/eng/index.aspx
Social Responsibility

Website : http://www.gazprom.com/
Social Responsibility : http://www.gazprom.com/social/
Environment : http://www.gazprom.com/nature/

General Electric
Website : https://www.ge.com/
Sustainability : https://www.ge.com/sustainability/

Website : https://www.groupebpce.fr/

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