Corporates in India : Names starting with V  

V 2 Tech Ventures Private Limited
V Guard Industries Limited
V I P Industries Limited
V L S Finance Limited
V R Constructors Pvt Ltd
V Trans (India) Limited
V V F Limited
V.S.T.Auto Parts Private Limited
Va Tech Wabag Limited
Vadamalayan Hospitals Private Limited.
Vadehra Builders Private Limited
Vadilal Industries Limited
Vaibhav Global Limited
Vakrangee Limited
Valdel Engineers And Constructors Private Limited
Valecha Engineering Limited
Valeo Friction Materials India Limited
Valtech India Systems Private Limited
Valuable Properties Private Limited
Valuefirst Digital Media Private Limited
Valvoline Cummins Private Limited
Vamshadara Paper Mills Ltd
Vanderlande Industries Software Private Limited
Vanita Agrochem (India) Private Limited
Varaha Infra Limited
Varahi Limited
Vardhaman Publishers Ltd
Vardhman Acrylics Limited
Vardhman Holdings Limited
Vardhman Plastics Pvt Ltd
Vardhman Textiles Limited
Variety Agents Private Limited
Varindera Constructions Limited
Varroc Engineering Private Limited
Varroc Polymers Private Limited
Varun Motors Private Limited
Vascular Concepts Limited
Vasudha Pharma Chem Limited
Vatika Limited
Vbl Innovations Private Limited
Vedant Fashions Private Limited
Vedanta Limited
Veekay Polycoats Limited
Veer Chemie And Aromatics Pvt Ltd
Veer Energy & Infrastructure Limited
Velankani Information Systems Limited
Venky's (India) Limited
Ventura Securities Limited
Venus Infrastructure And Developers Private Limite
Venus Remedies Limited
Veritas (India) Limited
Verizon Data Services India Private Limited
Vertex Properties Private Limited
Vestas Technology R&D Chennai Private Limited
Vestas Wind Technology India Private Limited
Vetal Textiles And Electronics Private Limited
Vf Brands India Private Limited
VGP Housing Private Limited
Vhm Industries Limited
Vicco Products Bombay Pvt Ltd
Victora Auto Private Limited
Videocon D2h Limited
Vij Agro-Exports Private Limited
Vijai Electricals Limited
Vijay Logistics Private Limited
Vijay M. Mistry Construction Private Limited
Vijay Tanks And Vessels Private Limited
Vijaynath Roof & Wall Cladding Systems Private Lim
Vijayshree Electromech Private Limited
Vikas Granaries Limited
Vikas Wsp Limited
Vikram Tea Processor Private Limited
Vikram Thermo (India) Limited
Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd
Vimla Infrastructure (India) Private Limited
Vinar Systems Private Limited
Vinati Organics Limited
Vinayak Jewels (India) Private Limited
Vinod Chopra Films Private Limited
Vins Bioproducts Limited
Viom Networks Limited
Vipul Limited
Viraj Estate Private Limited
Virbac Animal Health India Private Limited
Virtusa Consulting Services Private Limited
Virtusa Software Services Private Limited
Visaka Industries Ltd.
Visen Industries Limited
Vishva-Vishal Engineering Ltd
Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Limited
Vision Avenues Private Limited
Visteon Automotive Systems India Private Limited
Visteon Technical And Services Centre Private Limi
Vit Consultancy Private Limited
Vitthal Corporation Limited
Vivimed Labs Limited
Vizag Profiles Private Limited
Vkc Nuts Private Limited
Vmware Software India Private Limited
Vns Industries Private Limited
Vodafone India Limited
Vodafone Mobile Services Limited
Vodafone West Limited
Voestalpine Vae Vkn India Private Limited
Volkswagen Finance Private Limited
Voltas Limited
Voyants Solutions Private Limited
Vrc Constructions (India) Private Limited
Vrinda Engineers Private Limited
VRL Logistics Limited
Vsm Weavess India Private Limited
Vsplash Techlabs Private Limited
VST Industries Limited
VST Tillers Tractors Limited
Vulcan Industrial Engineering Company Limited
Vulkan Technologies Private Limited
VVD And Sons Private Limited
VXL Instruments Limited

Vodafone India


V H Group
V R Woodart Ltd.
V. V. Creations
Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram
VAB Pharma
Vadilal Dairy International Ltd.
Vadilal Industries Ltd.
Vadivarhe Speciality
Vadyar Boats
Vaghani Techno-Build Ltd.
Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala
Vaishno Academy
Vaishno Cement Co.Ltd.
Vaksons Automobiles Ltd
Valecha Engineering Ltd.
Valiant Organics Ltd
Vallabh Steels Ltd.
Vallée de Vin
Valley Abrasives Ltd.
Valmark Developers Pvt Ltd
Valplus Biotech Ltd.
Value Industries Ltd.
Valuemart Retail Solutions Ltd
Vamshi Rubber Ltd.
Vance & Health
Vansan Movies
Vanta Bioscience Ltd
Vantage Knowledge Academy Ltd
Vantech Industry Ltd.
Vapi Care Pharma
Vapi Organics Chemicals
Vapi Paper Mills Ltd.
Varahi International
Varav Biogenesis
Vardhaman Laboratories Ltd.
Vardhman Concrete Limited
Vardhman Exports
Vardhman Group of Companies
Vardhman Special Steels Ltd.
Varun Industries Ltd.
Varun Polymol Organics Ltd.
Varun Shipping Co.Ltd.
Varuna Agroproteins Ltd.
Vas Infrastructure Ltd.
Vasanth & Co
Vascon Engineers Ltd
Vasu Healthcare
Vasudhara Dairy
Vasundhara Rasayans Ltd
Vatika One India Next Pvt Ltd
Vatsa Music Ltd.
VAV Life Sciences
Vbc Industries Ltd.
Vccl Ltd.
Vedanta Limited
Vedanta Resources
Vee Technologies
Veeda Clinical Research
Veena World
Veerhealth Care Limited
Vegepro Foods & Feeds Ltd.
Vegetable Products Ltd
Velan Hotels Ltd.
Veljan Denison Limited
Vendhar Movies
Venkat Pharma Ltd.
Venky's (India) Ltd.
Venmax Drugs And Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Ven-Petrochem & Pharma(india) P.Ltd.
Venus Power Ventures (India) Ltd.
Venus Remedies Ltd.
Venus Sugar Ltd.
Verges Pharma Pvt.Ltd
Veronica Laboratories Ltd.
Veronica Production Ltd
Vgn Developers Pvt Ltd
VGN Property Developers Pvt Ltd
V-Guard Industries Ltd
VHB Medi Sciences
Viaan Industries Ltd
Viacom 18
Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Viadyaratnam Treatment Centre – Franchise
Vibros Organics Ltd.
Vicco Group
Viceroy Hotels Ltd.
Victory Paper & Boards (India) Ltd.
Videocon Group
Videocon Industries Ltd.
Vidhi Specialty Food Ingredients Ltd
Vidli Restaurants Ltd
Vijay Sales
Vijay Sethupathi Productions
Vijay Shanthi Builders Ltd.
Vijay Solvex Ltd.
Vijaya Bank
Vijaya Vauhini Studios
Vijayalakshmi Art Pictures
Vijayta Films
Vikas Ecotech Ltd
Vikas Granaries Ltd.
Vikas Wsp Ltd.
Vikram Hospital (Bengaluru) Pvt Ltd
Vikram Thermo (India) Ltd.
Vilas Javdekar Eco Shelters Pvt Ltd
Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd.
Vimta Labs Ltd.
Vinati Organics Ltd.
Vinay Cements Ltd.
Vindas Chemical Ind
Vinod Chopra Films
Vinsari Fruitech Ltd.
Vintage Cards & Creations Ltd.
Vintage Foods & Industries Ltd.
VIP Industries
Vippy Industries Ltd.
Vipul Ltd.
Vipul Organics Ltd
Vipul shipyard
Virat Crane Industries Ltd.
Virbac Animal Health
Virchow Healthcare
Virtual Global Education Ltd.
VISA Steel
Visaka Industries
Visaka Industries Limited
Visaka Industries Ltd.
Vishal Chairs Ltd.
Vishal Film Factory
Vishal Papertech (India) Ltd.
Vishesh Films
Vishnu Sugar Mills Ltd.
Vision Cinemas Ltd.
Vision Corporation Ltd.
Vision Rx Lab
Vismayas Max
Vista Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Vistaar Financial Services Pvt Ltd
Vital Healthcare Pvt.Ltd.
Vitalchemie Corporation
Vitara Chemicals Ltd.
Vivanta by Taj
Vivanza Biosciences Ltd
Vivekananda Pictures
Vivimed Labs
Vivimed Labs Ltd.
Vizag Steel
VJTF Eduservices Ltd.
VKJ Infradevelopers Ltd
VKS Projects Ltd.
VLCC Health Care Ltd
V-MART Retail Ltd.
VMC Productions
Vodafone India
Volga Air Technics Ltd.
Volkswagen Group Sales India
Volkswagen India
Voltamp Transformers Ltd.
Voltas Ltd.
Vortex Engineering
Vovantis Laboratories
Vritti i-Media
VRL Group
VSF Projects Ltd.
Vst Industries Ltd.
V-Star Creations
VU Televisions
Vulcan Laboratories
VXL Instruments Ltd.
Vybra Automet Ltd.
Vyjayanthi Movies
Vysali Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

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